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5 Ways to Create an Online Buzz

Top tips for building an online buzz when you've launched something new and want to boost sales.

Online buzz refers to that elusive time when the Internet is humming with news and discussion about a celebrity or news story, or sometimes a new product or service — think iPad launch or Google Caffeine.

Now, unless you’re a mega brand like Apple (or you do something dreadfully wrong!), you’re never going to have international online buzz.

But every company, no matter what its size, can take a few simple steps to boost the buzz around its product or service.

Tweet a Great Offer

Many of the people I follow on Twitter recently retweeted an offer from a company called Graze.

The business sends out weekly snack boxes filled with healthy treats, like nuts and seeds. The reason so many people retweeted was because they received money off their own boxes if they spread the word, while the recipient received a free first box if they signed up.

Everyone’s a winner, so everyone’s a convert and everyone voluntarily advertises your company. Just make sure the offer is good enough.

Blog on the Subject

Obviously, a blog post that’s just a sales pitch won’t generate any online buzz.

However, a useful article inspired by your latest corporate offering will be fine and, if it’s valuable content, could be retweeted, linked to, and discussed.

You can explain why you’re writing the article, which means you can mention the new product. Just make sure the majority of the article is more than a rave review.

For example, if you’ve launched a company that delivers organic vegetable boxes, you could blog: “Ten Great Recipes for Autumnal Seasonal Vegetables.” If your company has launched a new exercise bike, then “How to Create a Beginner’s Gym Regime” could be just right.

Grab Some Space on Other Blogs

It’s a great idea to chat to other bloggers in your industry and see if you can place some guest posts on their blogs to coincide with your new product or service launch.

Again, don’t pitch (you’ll struggle to get it published at all if you do) and make sure your content is useful.

If you’re really confident in your new product, then why not try to get some coverage from high-authority bloggers? Ask for reviews and don’t be afraid to give away free samples (assuming your product isn’t too expensive — I doubt Jaguar gives away many samples!).

E-mail Potential Fans

Do you have a database of your customers? Can you work out which will be most interested in your new product? Maybe those who have bought similar items before?

In that case, e-mail them a great discount or limited voucher they can use, and invite them to send it onto friends and family who might be interested.

Online buzz doesn’t have to be via public platforms: you can generate a huge amount of interest simply by e-mailing out a decent offer that makes people feel privileged and that they’re allowed to share.

Find Fans on Facebook

Give your new product exposure on a popular social platform like Facebook. You can target advertising at your most likely audience, choosing gender, age, marital status, and more.

You can create a page where people can “like” your product, you can pay for advertising that encourages people to like it, you can then offer them special deals and perks because they are fans.

Best of all, if they comment on your product, then it will show up to their own friends, spreading your brand awareness and contributing to your online buzz.

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