IndustryGoogle Zeitgeist 2010: The Year’s Top Searches

Google Zeitgeist 2010: The Year's Top Searches

As you would expect, Google has gone above and beyond the typical top 10 list of queries with Zeitgest 2010, Google's look at the year in searches.

As you would expect, Google has gone above and beyond the typical top 10 list of queries with Zeitgest 2010, Google’s look at the year in searches. This year, they introduced HTML5 data visualization and a wrap-up video in addition to revealing the fasting rising searches in numerous categories based on the billions of Google searches conducted around the world.

Top Global Events

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The World Cup, the Olympics, the Haiti earthquake, the Gulf oil spill, and the Iceland ash cloud were all huge news stories this year. For the search-obsessed, Google’s new HTML5 data visualization lets you compare the search popularity of each of these events individually, or any combination of three of the events.

Fastest Rising Global Queries: Chatroulette, iPad, Justin Bieber

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Chatroulette, a web site that allows users to connect to and video chat with random strangers, was the top global search, beating out such social media heavyweights as Facebook and Twitter, gaming sites Friv and Gamezer, and Myzer, a Canadian trading post. Justin Bieber, Nicki Minaj, and Katy Perry were hot Google celebrity searches. Apple’s iPad was the top tech gadget.

Just as in the Top Global Events section, you can also compare any two searches to see how they compared in popularity. Google also revealed the top 10 in several categories:

Fastest Rising

  1. chatroulette
  2. ipad
  3. justin bieber
  4. nicki minaj
  5. friv
  6. myxer
  7. katy perry
  8. twitter
  9. gamezer
  10. facebook

Fastest Falling

  1. swine flu
  2. wamu
  3. new moon
  4. mininova
  5. susan boyle
  6. slumdog millionaire
  7. circuit city
  8. myspace layouts
  9. michael jackson
  10. national city bank

Fastest Rising in Entertainment

  1. justin bieber
  2. shakira
  3. eminem
  4. netflix
  5. youtube videos
  6. lady gaga
  7. kesha
  8. nicki minaj
  9. grooveshark
  10. transformers 3

Fastest Rising in Sports

  1. mundial 2010
  2. olympics
  3. espn3
  4. fifa 11
  5. randy moss
  6. miami heat
  7. mourinho
  8. wayne rooney
  9. cricket live score
  10. david villa

Fastest Rising in Consumer Electronics

  1. ipad
  2. iphone 4
  3. nokia 5530
  4. htc evo 4g
  5. nokia n900
  6. blackberry apps
  7. duracell mygrid
  8. 트위터
  9. otterbox
  10. pdanet

Fastest Rising in Food & Drink

  1. masterchef
  2. 食べログ
  3. cupcakes
  4. jimmy johns
  5. как жрать суши
  6. dominos pizza menu
  7. tudo gostoso receitas
  8. guacamole recipe
  9. applebees menu
  10. rachel ray

Fastest Rising Maps Searches

  1. anhembi parque
  2. wm gucken
  3. world cup
  4. bundeskanzleramt
  5. rio branco
  6. mt everest
  7. kew gardens
  8. tour eiffel
  9. oxford street
  10. nürburgring

Fastest Rising People

  1. justin bieber
  2. katy perry
  3. selena gomez
  4. kim kardashian
  5. eminem
  6. lady gaga
  7. miley cyrus
  8. taylor lautner
  9. megan fox
  10. robert pattinson

In the News

  1. haiti
  2. besiktas
  3. chile
  4. earthquake
  5. lady gaga
  6. iphone 4
  7. jörg kachelmann
  8. menowin fröhlich
  9. mobile technology
  10. oil spill

Fastest Rising Translations

  1. vancouver 2010
  2. apprendimento automatico
  3. ресторан нью-йорк
  4. машинное обучение
  5. beijing apartments
  6. comercio electrónico
  7. st. petersburg restaurants
  8. منتزه يلوستون الوطني
  9. energia solare
  10. dubai tours

Fastest Rising Health Queries

  1. hcg diet
  2. dr oz
  3. aspergers
  4. mcdonalds nutrition
  5. vitamin d deficiency
  6. appendicitis symptoms
  7. cholera
  8. nfp vacina
  9. h1n1
  10. whooping cough

Fastest Rising Humanitarian Aid

  1. donate to haiti
  2. donate to pakistan
  3. text to donate
  4. doctors without borders
  5. download to donate
  6. red cross canada
  7. blood donation restrictions
  8. donate blood australia
  9. donate now button
  10. csl plasma

Fastest Rising United States Queries: iPad, Chatroulette, iPhone 4

Google’s recap of U.S. searches is nothing short of overwhelming.

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In addition to an Overview that shows the fastest rising queries in people, sports, music, and politics — as well as breaks down the top queries on, Google Image Search, Google Maps, and Google Product Search — Zeitgeist lets you drill down into specific categories, all with additional sub-categories:

  • In The News (election, political parties, healthcare reform, economic issues, recalls)
  • Celebrities (rest in peace, weddings, breakups, haircuts, TV show hosts)
  • That’s Entertaining (gadgets, apps, lyrics, memes, trailers, video games, “hottest seat in town,” TV shows, commercials)
  • Around the Home (DIY, diets, workouts, just like mom makes…)
  • Sports (World Cup, Winter Olympics, coaches, athletes, baseball players, basketball players, football players, soccer players, tennis players)
  • Science & Technology (green energy, solar, patents, biodiversity, sustainability)
  • Humanity (charitable giving, Nobel Prize nominees and winners, health, books and literature)
  • Quirky (costumes, dance moves, how to…, what is…, strangest searches, slang)
  • City by City (Atlanta, Austin, Baltimore, Boston, Charlotte, Chicago, Cleveland, Columbus, Dallas, Denver, Detroit, Houston, Indianapolis, Kansas City, Los Angeles, Madison, Miami, Minneapolis, New York City, Orlando, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Pittsburgh, Portland, Raleigh, Sacramento, San Francisco, Seattle, St. Louis, Tampa, Washington, D.C.)
  • YouTube Videos

To view all the additional searches and categories, you can visit the U.S. section of the Zeitgeist website. Plus, you can also check out the top queries in 55 more regions around the world.

Zeitgeist 2010: Year in Review Video

For the first time Google created a Zeitgeist Year in Review Video “to capture the phenomena that shaped 2010”:


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