7 Useful SEO Add-ons for Firefox 4

Matteo Mucci asked SEW via Twitter, “what are the best 5 SEO Addons for Firefox 4?”


I thought it was an interesting question, so had a stab at the answer. I’m quite fond of all of these tools for their own specific purpose, so much so the list runs to 7 (rather than 5). Nonetheless, feel free to suggest any useful addons, bookmarklets, and plugins not listed.

Below are some of most useful Firefox Addons and plugins for an SEO and their day-to-day workflow.

1. SEOmoz’s Pro Toolbar, AdMax Toolbar, or SEOBook Toolbar

Thumbnail image for seomoz-toolbar-alternate.jpg

Take your pick, all these toolbars will get the job done. The rest is up to you!

  • Mozbar will pull SEOmoz’s proprietary MozRank, Page Authority, and Domain Authority figured in place of Google’s Toolbar PageRank
  • AdMax & SEOBook will also do basic ranking scans.
  • All will highlight nofollow tags.

Compatible with Firefox 4:

2. Quix Bookmarklet – Share, Integrate, and Custom Commands

Although this is not an addon, this little bookmarklet from Yoast is one of the most underrated tools on the web. Simply drag to your Firefox 4, Chrome, or other web browser bookmarks bar, and print out the guide of commands.


Within no time, you will be using shortcuts to all of your repetitive tasks.

  • Create custom commands for uber-specialized shortcuts.
  • A set of social sharing commands.
  • A set of WordPress commands & short codes
  • A set of SEO commands
  • A set of Webmaster commands
  • Commands for Macs, Analytics, URL shortener’s, and even for Evernote, Reader, and Search Providers

Compatible with Firefox 4:

3. Firebug & Google Page Speed


  • Assets optimization.
  • Error alerts.
  • Benchmark load times.

Firebug is Compatible with Firefox 4, Google Page Speed is not. Google Page Speed is compatible with previous versions of Firefox and Chrome although you can still view load times with Firebug.

4. Raven Tools Toolbar


  • Manage personas.
  • Back link profile workflow options.
  • Research competitors and keywords.
  • Post to self-hosted WordPress blogs.

Compatible with Firefox 4:

5. Trackmenot – Fool Google with Noise and Obfuscation

With TrackMeNot, actual web searches, lost in a cloud of false leads, are essentially hidden in plain view.


Chalk this one up to old fashioned grey hat entertainment!

  • Stop falling victim to search behavior profiling.
  • Fool search engines on your demographics, likes, and dislikes.

Compatible with Firefox 4:

6. Wappalyzer – Identify Software on Sites You Visit

Wappalyzer can help you to find footprints of CMS’s, e-commerce systems, forums, frameworks, hosting panels for web sites.

Get a beat on what your competitors are running, special metrics and tracking programs, and what they are using for that new community site!


Compatible with Firefox 4:

7. Rapportive: Get More Intel From Your Contacts

Rapportive is a nifty tool for link builders. Find and view your email recipient’s recent activity on Social Media sites .


Rather than seeing ads, you see social media profiles and status updates from the person you are composing an email to. For link builders, it’s a way to interact with site owners beyond email.

As many will already know, good link building is often about good relationships – so, it’s easier to get people interested in links if you can strike up a friendship first!

Compatible with Firefox 4:

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