Avast Ye! Talk Like a Scurvy Pirate wit’ Facebook, Twitter n’ Google

Search Engine Watch Talk Like A Pirate Day LogoThis day is International Talk Like A Pirate Day 2011. Woefully ye noticed all ye pirates be speakin’ a little different? Yarr, bein’ a Monday, the grog fest be early this year, but yer mateys p’on the good ship Search Engine Watch wanted to give ye a jolly way to hoist the colors afore the moon haunts the seven seas. So, we made ’tis guide to be tellin’ ye how to change ye Facebook blabber settin’s to scurvy pirate speak, squawk on Twitter, ‘n bring ye treasure huntin’ on Google a wee bit more o’ a ruckas.

Changing Your Language Settings on Facebook to Talk Like A Pirate

It’s incredibly easy to change your language settings on Facebook. Simply:

1. Scroll down to the very bottom of the page and locate the Language Settings link, which will display the current language setting you are using.

Change Facebook Language Settings

2. Click the link and a dialog box will appear. Click English (Pirate) to change the language setting change and then click ‘Close’. Shiver me timbers, Facebook is now all piratey!

Change your Facebook Language Settings to English Pirate

A warning comes with this salt-blastedly savvy tip. Turning your Facebook account language settings to English (Pirate) is so funny that you may never change back your settings again. The hazard being that you grow an unnatural habit for calling your friends wenches and sea dogs, refer to your family as kin and robustly congratulating newly-weds for “gettin’ anchored”.

Not only could such antics be construed as rude, but speaking from experience, you might find yourself wondering why no one else ‘gets’ your rampaging witticisms. The reason is because changing your language settings only changes what you see – not everyone else’s. So, unless you encourage your friends to change their language settings too (which I heartily recommend you do), you may find yourself sharing a giant in-joke… with yourself.

Facebook in Pirate Lingo

Squawking on Twitter

Twitter’s language settings does not currently support English (Pirate). However, if you cut and paste your tweet into this nifty little website, Post Like A Pirate, it will automagically get translated into pirate-speak right before your very eyes.

Post Like a Pirate

Click the Twitter link and it creates the tweet for you. The embedded Bit.ly link takes a user back to Post Like A Pirate, which should help your followers join in the shenanigans. After all, it’s no fun raving like a lunatic on your own, right?

Tweet like a Pirate

Treasure Huntin’ on Google Pirate

Google, “Tha Old Seadog”, has always maintained a swashbuckling version of their flagship at Google Pirate, which now has gleeful translations of their (relatively) recently introduced universal sidebar and plusbar.

There are many other silly versions of Google to be spied here, but as yet, there is no Gmail theme for pirates. Yet, there is a ninja theme. This has proven to be such a carbuncle in the backside of pirate fans that some are petitioning Google.

Google Pirate

One Dastardly Tip for Ye Blackbeard SEOs

For those of you who prefer not to run any risk of walking the plank, a fun way to celebrate International Talk Like A Pirate Day, could be to translate your hand crafted blog posts into English (Pirate) using the plethora of translation tools available (there are subtle differences between the translations).

However, if you are feeling a little churlish this day, then you might want to weird out the web analytics teams in your competitors crow’s nest by linking to a piratey translation of their site. The linked translation will force a dastardly duplicate copy of the site to persist on some ‘inferior’ search engines, such that said site may rank well enough to get traffic from search phrases such as “Blimey, That’s Good”, “I Needs Ya Gold”, and “Stab that Crustacean!”

Such a motherload of curious search terms will surely have those landlubbers scratchin’ their bonces!

But don’t go blatherin’ about who be tellin’ ye such nonsense… aye?

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