Getting Started on Google AdWords TrueView Video Ads

Google AdWords has released a new self service campaign format specifically to build video advertising campaigns. AdWords for Online Video campaigns bring completely new video ad formats previously not seen on YouTube promoted video accounts. This guide walks you through using the new campaign interface and the new ad positions.

The new AdWords for Online Video interface means more formats, easier setup, improved targeting, more stats, an engagement-oriented payment metric (known as TrueView), and more ad inventory via YouTube and Google Video Search, and the Google Display Network (GDN).

After several months of internal testing, the new interface and formats have been released in a limited beta in the U.S., Germany, and the UK today. Top video advertisers have already been contacted, but you can let Google know you’re interested by filling out this form.

Setting Up a Video Campaign

Getting started: Very little about the new interface will seem different up front. Primarily, you’ll note a new option to navigate through video campaigns (on the left-hand side) and the option to create a new video campaign (found in the “New Campaign” drop-down in the campaign menu).

AdWords TrueView Video Ads

The new campaign screen: From there, you’ll see a screen that has several familiar fields including the campaign name, budget, language, locations, ad delivery, and scheduling options. However, the “Ad” section itself is new.

AdWords TrueView Video Ads

Selecting a video: Once you click “select video,” you’ll be taken to a menu of all the videos that have been uploaded to your connected YouTube accounts. You can also use this pane to search for videos or preview your content. You can also upload video directly from the interface.

Choosing Your Ad Formats

From there, you fill in your ad’s creative and preview the video formats your ad will be shown in. You can also choose which formats to include from the following:

In-search, formerly known as YouTube advertisements, which allows you to show your ad on the search screen of Two different formats are available. Google is also showing in-search ads on Google video searches. Other properties may be added in the future. Check out an in-search demo.

AdWords TrueView Video Ad Positions on YouTube

In-stream, the skippable long-form video content that is shown as a pre-roll to other video content. Check out an in-stream demo.

AdWords TrueView Video Ad Positions on YouTube

In-slate, which allows users to select your ad from several options as a non-skippable pre-roll to other video content. Check out an in-slate demo.

AdWords TrueView Video Ad Positions on YouTube

In-display, in one or more of three formats. These will be shown in the Google Display Network, with the displayed form being based on both the advertiser’s and webmaster’s settings.

AdWords TrueView Video Ad Positions on YouTube

Targeting Your Video Ad

You can do a search for targeted keywords that apply to topics, specific search keywords, contextual themes, and/or placements. The webmaster also has the option to advertise within specific topics and demographics.

AdWords TrueView Video Ads

This screen also allows you to customize additional features, including the “call to action overlay,” a feature previously enabled only for YouTube advertisers. Once you save the campaign, you’re all set. You can now move on to reviewing your ad data.

Your Video Ad Views & Stats

In your campaign statistics segment, you’ll see detailed feedback on the ad performance (impressions, view rate, cost per view [CPV], total cost, and website click-through) and any ad issues.

You can gain further insights by expanding each video which allows you to see the independent performance for a given ad in its alternate formats.

You can also navigate to the “videos” segment which affords a broad view of how your videos are performing and compare that performance data with your other campaigns.

AdWords TrueView Video Ads

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