Google Launches Mobile-Friendly Site Initiative,

In an effort to further entice webmasters to create mobile-friendly websites, Google has launched, a mobile website training and testing ground. Visitors can view their website as customers see it on their smartphones, check out example of mobile-friendly sites, and find mobile site developers.

In their GoMo blog post: ‘Helping businesses create a mobile-friendly website’, the Google Mobile Ads team says 61 percent of users are unlikely to return to a website that isn’t optimized for mobile browsing. A feature on the GoMo site called the GoMoMeter analyzes your website, coming back with customized recommendations for mobile optimization available in a downloadable report. There are also sections for finding mobile web developers and resources such as best practices for mobile sites.

Google's Go Mo Meter

This July, Google added a feature called “Mobilize” to Google Sites, allowing users to build mobile-friendly sites. Last month, they held the “From Why to How” mobile webinar and announced that mobile optimization will be factored into AdWords’ quality score for mobile ad campaigns.

Clearly, Google wants websites to get on board and get mobile. What challenges have you faced getting your own site or that of a client optimized for mobile browsing?

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