Google & Bing Take 8 of 10 Best Web TV Commercial Spots in 2011

Google, a relatively new player in the TV commercial game, produced five of the top 10 most effective Web TV commercials in 2011, to date. Bing was no slouch, knocking out three of their own that made the list compiled by television advertising authority AceMetrix.

Commercials are given an Ace Score on a scale of 0 to 950 points, based on an evaluation of viewer reaction to national television ads. Viewers score commercials on factors such as relevance, attention, information, and persuasion.

“Google, who two years ago never advertised on television, has truly emerged as a major brand marketer this year, introducing high-impact spots delivered at low frequency that last longer than the average 30-second ad,” said Peter Daboll, CEO of AceMetrix, in a press release.

Google’s commercials have a definite theme, usually featuring celebrities and/or real Google users, catchy music, and visually captivating scenery or artwork.

AceMetrix also provided a list of the ten least effective Web TV commercials; Bing made this list, as well. Their Bob Finds Table Online and It Started With a Few Women just failed to resonate with their audience. GoDaddy was the biggest loser, with three of their commercials making the “worst” list.

Here are the most effective Web TV commercials from Google and Bing, in order of their placement on the list:

#1 – Google’s Dear Sophie, 661 points

A father sends emails to his daughter, starting at birth and continuing through her childhood. Google cleverly tugs on viewer heartstrings while highlighting their photo, video, and document solutions and their integration with GMail.

#2 – Google’s The Johnny Cash Project, 640 points

The Johnny Cash Project creators Chris Milk and Aaron Koblin explain how their initiative allowed Cash fans to collaborate in producing a tribute music video. The video is visually stunning and uses artwork from hundreds of fans, each piece in its own frame, in a cohesive and impressive work of fan art pulled together with the guidance of the project creators.

#3 – Google’s It Gets Better, 611 points

It Gets Better began as a YouTube project spearheaded by Dan Savage, who had been bullied as a teen for being gay. It evolved into a movement, an inspiration for bullied kids across the country and around the world. This commercial is another shining example of Google telling a story of positive user experience and real-life change through the use of their products. Google also capitalized on the star power of guests Lady Gaga, Chaz Bono, Adam Lambert, and Anne Hathaway.

#4 – Bing’s You Can Always Change a Person’s Life, 608 points

You Can Always Change a Person’s Life is the longer of Bing’s Krochet Kids commercials. In this one-minute spot, Bing showcases how the group uses e-commerce to enrich the lives of people around the globe.

#6 – Lady Gaga Mother Monster, 595 points

Google’s Gaga commercial demonstrates the way the pop superstar used Google products to build her massive fan base. This commercial features short clips of Lady Gaga and her “Monsters” singing “Edge of Glory”.

#7 – Frank Restaurant, 590 points

Google’s Frank Restaurant commercial tells the story of Austin, Texas, restaurant owners Daniel and Jenn Northcutt. The pair were desperate to rebuild their business after the economic collapse and used web tools and online word of mouth marketing to get their artisan sausage business back on track.

#8 – Bing’s Real Steel Promotion, 589 points


I had every intention of embedding all these videos. However, Search Engine Watch’s CMS apparently isn’t compatible with Bing Videos. So the above screenshot and a link to Bing’s Real Steel commercial will have to suffice.

Bing’s Real Steel 30-second spot highlights the integration of social recommendations in movie listings. It ties Facebook recommendations back in with Bing’s identity as a decision engine.

#9 – Bing’s Krochet Kids Tell Their Story, 583 points

The Krochet Kids started crocheting in high school to make some extra money. After a trip to Uganda, they launched an international non-profit to help teach women skills to help earn money for their families. Bing’s commercial in a 30-second short to share their story.

Which of the commercials is your favorite? Are there any you feel should have made the list but didn’t? Let us know in the comments!

UPDATE: Post edited to add Bing videos. Also, Bing…a little video SEO wouldn’t hurt.

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