The Decision Engine is Dead: Now Bing is For Doing

Bing is evolving. Emphasis on the “ing.”

Microsoft’s search engine is ditching the “decision engine” label and rebranding with a new message: Bing is for doing. And Bing is no doubt hoping that the rebranding will stop people from Googling.

A new spot will be debuting this weekend on FOX during the NFL NFC Championship Game between the New York Giants and San Francisco 49ers. The new ad features snowboarder Kevin Pearce and puts the emphasis on verbs: doing, winning, falling, healing, living, and, well, snowboarding.

“We thought now is a good time to evolve from decisions to doing,” Sean Carver, director for advertising at Bing, told The New York Times. So moving forward, Bing will be the search engine for doing things while aiming for the 18-34 crowd of doers.

Bing has been using the “Bing and Decide” slogan since launching 2009. Some of the credit for the marketing change is due to the positive reaction Bing’s Krochet Kids commercials received – two of which were named by AceMetrix as among the 10 most effective Web TV commercials of 2011.

Last month, Bing finally overtook Yahoo to become the second ranked search engine in the U.S. – though Bing is providing the organic results you see on Yahoo.

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