Madonna’s Super Bowl Halftime Show Tops Google Searches [Infographic]

We’re 24 hours removed from Super Bowl 46, in which the New York Giants defeated the New England Patriots 21-17. But it was neither the Giants nor Patriots that people were searching for most last night on Google during the game. It was Madonna.

Top Super Bowl XLVI Searches & Trends

Google has revealed the Super Bowl search trends. Overall, the top trending searches on Google during the game were:

  • Madonna 
  • Halftime show 
  • Patriots 
  • Tom Brady 
  • Giants

Above all the players, Madonna took the spotlight as the most-searched term during the game. Other top searches for halftime performers during the game were LMFAO, Kelly Clarkson, and Nicki Minaj.

Madonna’s halftime performance was also a hot trend on Twitter. During the halftime show, there were 10,245 tweets-per-second, good for third on Twitter’s all-time list. However, as the final moments of the game ticked down, the number of tweets hit 12,233 per second, good for second place – and both far greater than the tweets per second count during last year’s Super Bowl. (Japanese anime movie “Castle in the Sky” set the record for most tweets per second in December: 25,088)

Although the Giants may have won the Super Bowl, the Patriots won the online search query bowl. Patriots quarterback Tom Brady broke Joe Montana’s record for consecutive passes during the Super Bowl, and also was the most searched player of the game. Giants QB and Super Bowl MVP Eli Manning, Giants wide receiver Victor Cruz, Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez, and Patriots running back Danny Woodhead rounded out the top five players trending during the game.

Super Bowl Commercials

The 2012 Super Bowl saw a pre-Super Bowl ad bonanza with several of the commercials being seen the day of or days before the actual Super Bowl. Super Bowl ads or ad teasers were watched more than 30 million times on YouTube before the big weekend this year. Check out the awesome infographic from Google to illustrate this.


If you missed any of the ads you can view them here.

The most popular commercials in terms of Google searches were ads from Acura, GoDaddy, and M&M’s. Other top searches were for “The Avengers” trailer and Clint Eastwood in Chrysler’s commercial.

Forty-one percent of searches related to Super Bowl ads that were made during the big game came from mobile devices. This is up 25 percent for the same time the day prior.

More Trending Google Super Bowl Searches

2012 marked the first year that the Super Bowl was streamed live. This caused a significant spike in searches relating to the Super Bowl live streaming on game day.

Spanish language was among the top trending queries. Even after midnight in parts of the World, [Super Bowl 2012 übertragung] and [w9 streaming] in Germany and France, were some of the top searched terms in Google.

Searches were primarily from desktop, followed by mobile phones, then tablets.

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