IndustrySEW Weekly: LinkedIn Shares B2B Social Ads Tips

SEW Weekly: LinkedIn Shares B2B Social Ads Tips

Gary Fearnall, Global Marketing Director at LinkedIn, shares tips and best practices for marketers using Company Pages or LinkedIn Ads. Plus, news headlines include Google, Bing, Twitter and more; find out what’s coming up on SEW Weekly.

gary-fearnallIn this episode of SEW Weekly, Gary Fearnall, Director of Marketing Solutions for Canada, joined co-hosts Thom Craver and Miranda Miller to talk social advertising and Company Pages.

Over 2.6 million businesses have LinkedIn Company Pages, which now offer increased visibility for Products, Services and Careers.

“It’s a more robust platform for companies and LinkedIn believes the increased among searching that is going on within the LinkedIn platform, for companies and individuals, that this is an expectation of our members – that companies have a brand presence on LinkedIn and have a page there,” said Fearnall.

Where to Focus on LinkedIn Company Pages

There are two facets of the Company Page experience marketers should be concerned about, he shared. The first is the experience people are going to have on that particular page.

Brands can now embed YouTube videos or images to showcase products or services and this experience is customizable for different audience segments. Fearnall explained that Company Page administrators can alter the information a particular visitor will see, based on demographic, employment, or other information from their LinkedIn profile. This level of targeting is an incredible advantage for marketers using the social network.

“Depending on where in the world I was coming in from, using geography as an example, I could have a different experience for ordering products and services,” Fearnall explained. This could extend to the visitor’s function within a company; a CEO may see different features than a salesperson, for example. “It’s an important attribute to be aware of, as it’s part of the free experience on LinkedIn,” he said.


Use Filtering Data to Segment Your Audience and Deliver Relevant Messages

The other critical facet of the LinkedIn Company Page ecosystem is followers. According to Fearnall, “You need to make sure you’re leveraging your ability to attract people to follow your brand.” LinkedIn introduced this feature earlier this year and it allows marketers to not only broadcast updates to all users, but to specific segments of their followers, based on filtering data.

Fearnall offered a number of tips for marketers looking to take advantage of the LinkedIn opportunity through Company Pages:

  • Use segmentation tools to deliver the right message to the right people.
  • Highlight those areas of the company profile that are accurate, unique and that you can celebrate.
  • Post updates often enough to appear in the majority of your followers’ newsfeeds; frequency and relevance are key and LinkedIn recommends posting at least 5 times a week as a best practice.
  • Test the performance of status updates often to find the best times of day and days of the week to reach followers.
  • Groups are an incredibly powerful way to demonstrate your expertise on a particular topic; join relevant LinkedIn Groups and find opportunities to connect with new followers.

LinkedIn Ads – Target by Industry, Geography, Position & More

linkedin-adsFearnall also gave an overview of the two types of LinkedIn Ads available, managed or self-service, and shared best practices for reaching new audiences on LinkedIn.

Marketers have a variety of targeting options to use to connect with LinkedIn’s 175 million members, including 7.9 million business decision-makers, 1.3 million small business owners and 4.2 million corporate executives.

Download the full episode for more tips and best practices from Gary Fearnall of LinkedIn, available from and iTunes.

In the News

We had some data SEOs can use to back up their next request for a raise. Conductor released a survey showing the average search marketer’s salary in the U.S. is $75,542.

The majority of respondents with 0–3 years of experience in search marketing earn $30,001 to $60,000. Approximately 20 percent of respondents with 0–3 years of experience earn $60,000+, while those making $60,000+ more than doubles to 50 percent for respondents with 3-5 years experience.

Other headlines covered in the show:

Coming Up on SEW Weekly: Carolyn Shelby, Director of SEO at Tribune Company

carolyn-shelbyComing up this Thursday: Carolyn Shelby, Director of SEO for the Tribune Company and 435Digital, the interactive agency division of Tribune, is in the studio again and we’re excited to talk SEO with her. Shelby is the dynamic leader of a team of SEOs across a range of publications including The Chicago Tribune and L.A. Times.

Shelby appeared on SEW Weekly recently for our “Why Your SEO Shouldn’t Be the Last to Know” episode, where she offered fantastic advice on how and when SEOs should be involved in the site launch or redesign process.

Clearly, bringing SEOs into the fold earlier on can prevent potentially problematic issues and assist in aligning the website with business goals. Download the full episode from iTunes and tune in again this Thursday at 1pm EST as we welcome Carolyn Shelby to further our knowledge of successful SEO processes within organizations.


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