AnalyticsHot #Instagram Analytic Tools to Optimize Brand PR Power

Hot #Instagram Analytic Tools to Optimize Brand PR Power

More brands are hopping in bed with Instagram and statistics show the relationship just might work. If your brand is buying Instagram shots for everyone, here’s how to track every move, filter, hashtag, keyword, Like, comment, and user.

Did you get the #hashtag?! More brands are hopping in bed with Instagram and statistics show the relationship just might work. Yes, it’s more than a one night stand. And are you surprised that Victoria Secret won the race to most followed brand on Instagram in 2012?


Instagram Spotted with Top Brands

As social media gets visual thanks to picture perfect Instagram, new analytics systems are entering the Instagram eco-system giving conservative marketing managers something to drool over. For those street smart marketers who knew all along, this is just the validation therapy you needed to just nod and smile!

The latest social media company to join the Instagram eco-system is Nitrogram. The recently launched and funded marketing and social engagement platform lets brands better analyze and use the earned media they are generating on Instagram.

“Brands are excited to get access to the photos around their products,” Nitrogram’s co-founder Gabriel Hubert told TechCrunch. “They want to engage with customers, through campaigns like Ben & Jerry’s #captureeuphoria photo contest.”

The service has already signed up four of the leading 10 brands on Instagram, and as of this writing, Nitrogram officials confirmed it continues growing its user base by 10 to 15 percent weekly.


Most Followed Brands on Instagram

2012 was the year where the first few brands crossed the significant milestone of 1 million Instagram followers and it was the super sleuth social analytics of Nitrogram that scoped the data find. The race was won by MTV, but the media company was shortly followed by Victoria’s Secret, Starbucks, and then E! Online with the Ellen Show making its way to 1 million.

Up and coming brands on Instagram include Nike, Louboutin, Sabo Skirt, Forever 21 and fashion icons such as Burberry.


What’s the Brand Attraction to Instagram?

  • Engagement. Visual marketing is very engaging.
  • Sharing Good Content. Customers and fans are already sharing about their brand on Instagram anyway. Why not leverage it?
  • Incentify. Instagram’s platform is prime to incentivize user-generated content.
  • Personalization.The content can be more personal and speak to users in deeper ways than ads and promos.
  • Big Pool, Lots of Fish! A growing user base with last count of 100 million users, that was an announcement by Mark Zuckerberg on September 2012 and marketers breathlessly wait for the next report.

Does Your Brand Have the Instagram Bump

Some brands may not be interested in getting Instagram, they might think they are too mature for that. Traditionalists might be overheard whispering; Getting Instagram is just for teenagers and millennial brand managers to play with and see what happens; let’s stick with what we know works: billboards! (Ugh!)

But if you’re a smart marketer, you look at the 2012 statistics and know that social media experts would warn “this is not practicing safe social media.”

Is Bigger Better To Ride the Wave?

mission-bicycle-instagramSometimes the big brain brands are the slowest moving and latest adapters. This spells out opportunity for smaller organizations (or the large organizations that have more of an entrepreneurship mentality).

Inspiring examples of smaller brands riding the visual wave include Mission Bicycle.

This San Francisco-based company makes custom bikes and uses Instagram to curate outstanding product visuals, promote contests and hashtags, give behind the scene insights to the team and also and also selectively advertising special offers by sharing posters.

Where could a small business make such a visual presence other than Instagram?

B2C companies such as Shwoodshop, Almond Surfboards and Warby Parker are case study examples of small brands using Instagram. B2B companies such as PitchEngine effectively used the Instagram network to report and document news straight from their booth at #NMX 2013. Today’s news is brewing in the form of compelling and magnetic photos that are the giving brands the perfect recipe for creating brand loyalist.

How Brands Shoot for Instagram with Analytics

If your brand is buying Instagram shots for everyone, here’s how to track every move, filter, hashtag, keyword, Like, comment, users and even a magnet to help you remember all this.

  • Nitrogram: The Instagram social analytics dashboard for brands.
    • Get insights with analytics detailed tracking of any accounts activity, its reach and engagement over time. Analysis of performance and engagement around hashtags.
    • Search Instagram by username hashtag and even location!
    • Create photo galleries, with easy moderation (adding, deleting photos) integration on a Facebook tab integration on web pages.
    • Exportable reports (week-on-week, as well as in-depth analysis on individual photo).
  • Simply Measured: Known as the data geeks. Simply Measured offers an array of analytics that bring together social network profiles; allowing you to collaborate over different platforms and with different teams to help brands assess and obsess with followers.
  • Webstagram: Instagram web viewer Webstagram lets you track keywords, popular photos and hashtags while also offering Follow Me button to a website or blog as well as galleries and RSS feeds to track the photo of the day!
  • Statigram: Comprehensive statistics, community management tools and the important mechanics you need to organize photo contests, manage followers, comments and sharing. Statigram lets brands create tabs and galleries on Facebook.
  • Stickygram: Go offline and manual. Stickygram lets you take your online Instagram photos to offline branding with magnets of your fave shots! The perfect schmooze gift for the traditionalist!

“Since the Facebook acquisition of Instagram, and with more than 100 million users, posting 5 million photos every day, it is only logical to see more businesses integrating Instagram into their marketing strategy and social media outreach.,” said Nitrogen’s Community Manager Thibaut Davoul. “These businesses are facing the same challenges today than they were when adapting to early social networks like Facebook and Twitter.”

How does your brand measure up with visual social media? Will Instagram be the new billboard?


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