Mobile3 Essential Mobile Ad Extensions to Get More Clicks from Mobile Devices

3 Essential Mobile Ad Extensions to Get More Clicks from Mobile Devices

Enhanced Campaigns are a game changer. They make it much easier for small, local businesses to get ROI from mobile search ads. Increase clicks and conversions in your mobile campaigns with these three new or overhauled ad extensions.

With the recent announcement of Enhanced Campaigns, Google has made mobile advertising much easier for the average advertiser. Previously, Google had advised marketers to create separate campaigns targeting different locations and device types in order to ensure ROI on mobile advertising. This quickly became too complicated and time-consuming for most advertisers, especially small businesses.

Now, with Enhanced Campaigns, AdWords users can target mobile users with the same campaigns they use for desktop search. It’s just a matter of checking a box that tells Google you want a given ad to run on mobile.

The best way to optimize the ad experience for mobile users is to take advantage of ad extensions – essentially enhancements that will make your ad more compelling and clickable for mobile users.

Here are the top three new or completely overhauled ad extensions you should use in your mobile campaigns to increase clicks and conversions.

1. Offer Extensions

Offer Extensions are a brand new feature, one which wasn’t publically available until this week! This exciting new extension type allows you to attach a redeemable offer (such as a coupon, rebate, or discount) to your AdWords ad. On a mobile device, it looks like this:


When a user clicks on the offer extension link users will be taken to a Google-hosted landing page. From there, they can print out the offer or save it by sending it to the “My Offers” section for later in-store use.

Offer Extensions are Google’s latest attempt to get in on the deal space made popular by companies like Groupon and Living Social. Grander schemes like Google Offers failed to take off, but Offer Extensions could be really powerful for advertisers, especially combined with location extensions (see below). Benefits include:

  • More foot traffic: Offer Extensions give advertisers the capacity to turn online interest into in-store traffic, which may be more likely to lead to multiple purchases or return visits.
  • Better measurement of ROI: Offer Extensions close the gap between online and offline activity considerably. Google keeps track of how many users save and print your online offer, so that users can better measure their ROI.
  • Easy way to deal with deals: Doing a Groupon deal is notoriously risky for small businesses, often leading to crowds of one-time customers that ultimately result in a loss. Offer Extensions are easy to set up with far less potential risk.

2. Location Extensions

At least 1 in 3 mobile searches have local intent, so if you’re the type of businesses that can benefit from local searches on mobile, you need to take advantage of location extensions. Location extensions allow you to add location data about your business to your ad, like a phone number and address.


When combined with click to call extensions (see below), that phone number becomes clickable, so mobile users can call you with one click. The advantages for you, the advertiser, include:

  • A bigger, more noticeable ad: Location information, at a basic level, adds more lines to your ad, so it will stand out more from the competition that isn’t using location extensions.
  • Giving the user what they need now: Mobile users tend to be further down the funnel than desktop searchers. They’re on the go, in your area, and they want something now. Making your physical location or phone number available immediately, without them having to search around on your site for it, increases the chances that they will call you or go to your store.

3. Click to Call Extensions

Click to call extensions make your phone number clickable so a mobile user only has to click the number to order that pizza for pickup or make an appointment for an emergency root canal.

Again, since mobile users tend to be “hot” leads, in the sense that they are ready to convert immediately, it’s crucial to make the pathways to conversion as smooth as possible, or you could lose those leads to a competitor.

According to Google’s Surojit Chatterjee, Group Product Manager of Global Mobile Search Ads, “When an advertiser uses click-to-call ads with call extensions and location extensions, we see an average CTR increase of 6-8%.”

The path to conversion becomes very clear – someone is driving in your area and needs new wipers, they do a search for an auto parts store on their phone, and see your ad, which shows them that you’re located two blocks away.

With click to call extensions enabled, they can immediately call you to see if you’ve got the product in stock. If you’ve got an offer extension with a deal on wipers, they’ll be all the more likely to drive straight in.

Mobile Campaigns Are Easier, More Measurable

Enhanced Campaigns are a game changer because they make it much easier for small, local businesses to get ROI from mobile search ads – these are the types of businesses that stand to gain the most from mobile search, but (due to time and budget constraints) were least likely to advertise on mobile under the previous system.

Does your business have a mobile advertising strategy yet? If not, now is the time!


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