PPC7 Ways to Get More Out of Your Conversion Confirmation Page

7 Ways to Get More Out of Your Conversion Confirmation Page

Improving your conversion rate is one of the most important tactics in your SEM toolkit. Yet, the purchase/lead confirmation page is often overlooked. Here's a short list of ways to get more out of your confirmation page – and grow your business.

leaking-bucket-dollar-signImproving your conversion rate is one of the most important tactics in your SEM toolkit. The conversion optimization discussion focuses (and rightly so) on getting visitors to take an action on your website or landing page.

However, one step in the conversion optimization process often gets overlooked: your purchase/lead confirmation page.

To grow your business and improve your SEM ROI, you need to change your perspective on conversions. When someone visits your website they are exhibiting an interest but these first few exploratory clicks on your website could be considered simply flirting. Once a visitor takes an action, they are committed to something longer term, and it’s up to you keep the relationship alive and healthy.

One of the best ways to solidify a relationship quickly is your purchase/lead confirmation page.

When someone converts on your website they are filled with hope, and that is a precious commodity. Whether someone purchases a new gadget, or requests additional information about a service that could change their business, or snags a free trial for software that could cure a specific woe – they are in a heightened state of excitement. And you are the source of that excitement!

Here’s a short list of ways to get more out of your confirmation page, and possibly grow your business.

1. Show Your Gratitude

Your new customer/prospect has taken the time to review your website, consider their options by checking out the competitors and online reviews, and finally they chose you. If you were talking with this person face-to-face you wouldn’t neglect to say thank you.

This may seem basic, but it’s surprising how many businesses don’t display proper appreciation for their audience’s time, attention and trust. A little courtesy goes a long way.

2. Confirm Your Coolness

Your confirmation page should mirror the tone of the entire website. If you take a humorous, quirky approach to your business, then the confirmation page should also have a similar leaning.

3. Plant the Seed for Future Purchases

Display other relevant products to someone who has just completed a purchase.

In a perfect world, your new customer would discover a secondary product right after they made a purchase (or ideally before so they can add it to their cart!) and order it on the spot. This is rarely the case.

Displaying these products plants the seeds of interest for future purchases as it shows your customer that they should return soon.

4. Deliver Awesome Supporting Content

A new customer/prospect is filled with hope. You need to nurture that hope!

After someone makes a purchase, you may consider displaying testimonials for that product on your confirmation page. This tactic can solidify their decision to purchase from your company.

If someone requests a white paper or demo, on the confirmation page provide additional information. Make sure this supporting content isn’t locked behind a registration page because most folks won’t want to fill out another form.

This tactic also provides additional support to your sales team. Most companies follow-up via email or phone after a prospect has requested information. Ask your sales team which questions or concerns they discuss frequently on the phone, and go ahead and start addressing these topics on your confirmation page.

5. Set Proper Expectations

Your confirmation page can provide supporting content for your sales team and it can also set the proper expectations on the purchase process. Go ahead and tell prospects when they can expect a follow up and what they can expect from the next touch point.

In tandem with displaying this content on the confirmation page, your auto-respond email should also provide a similar experience.

6. Provide Orientation

This tactic is geared toward software companies. When someone requests a demo or free trial, the confirmation page can provide instructions or orientation to get started with your software.

One challenge with software clients is adoption rate. Sure, someone can request a demo or even purchase the service, but if they don’t use it frequently they are less likely to stay a client. Every touch point for software companies is a chance to remind customers how/why to use your product.

7. Retarget with a Precision

The way you retarget existing customers vs. non-customers should be very different. Businesses frequently exclude previous customers from their retargeting campaigns, and rightly so.

A tactic that is often forgotten is retargeting your current client base. Sure, for some business this doesn’t make sense – but for many this could be a great way to deepen your client engagement.


Now is a great time to review and re-think your confirmation page strategy. This is one of those elements of your SEM campaign that could be optimized quickly with great returns. Plug that leaky bucket!


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