LocalYahoo Local: How to Set Up & Optimize Your Business Listing

Yahoo Local: How to Set Up & Optimize Your Business Listing

Although Yahoo is no longer the search engine giant it once was, Yahoo Local is a great supplement to your online local strategy. Follow these step-by-step instructions to submit your site to Yahoo Local and optimize your local business listing.

yahoo-localWhen it comes to local online marketing, visibility is incredibly important. Luckily, there are several options – including Google+ Local, Bing Local, YelpFacebook Graph Search, and Yahoo Local – to create a presence for your business and gain that all-important visibility.

One local platform companies should consider getting involved with is Yahoo Local. Although Yahoo is no longer the search engine giant it once was, Yahoo Local is a great supplement to your online local strategy. Getting started and free and it isn’t difficult to set up and manage a Yahoo Local account.

How to Submit Your Site to Yahoo Local

Submitting your site to Yahoo Local is easy and only takes a few minutes. Follow the below five steps to get started:

Step 1: Sign up to list your business for free here. You also have the option of an “enhanced” listing for $9.95 per month, which gives you a company tagline, more photos, and a more detailed business description. You can see the two choices in the screenshot below. If you want to opt for the free listing first (recommend), just hit the yellow “sign up” button.


Step 2: Sign into Yahoo. After you sign up to list your business, you will be taken to a screen where you can sign in to Yahoo. You have the option of signing in with your Yahoo ID, through Google or through Facebook. There is also a place where you can sign up for a Yahoo ID if you’re interested; however most just go for the Google or Facebook route. Either way, they all lead you to the same place.

Step 3: Enter all of your basic information as well as the basic information for your company. This includes name, address, contact information, business website, etc.


Step 4: Add in optional business information such as hours of operation, languages spoken at the business, social media links, etc.


Step 5: You can then hit “preview listing” as shown above, take a look at your listing and make sure it’s all to your liking, and then verify your listing. You will need to agree to the “Terms of Service” and then hit verify.


It’s as easy as that. Your listing will then be reviewed by Yahoo local and you will be notified when you’re up and running. You can even choose how you receive your verification code — by text message, phone call, or by mail. Once you’re all set to go, it’s time to make sure your listing is completely optimized.

How to Optimize Your Yahoo Local Listing

Optimizing your Yahoo Local listing is done in very much the same way that you will want to optimize any local listing online. A few of the fundamentals for optimizing a local listing, including a Yahoo Local listing, include:

  • Complete All Information. Make sure you add as much information as you can onto your listing. As explained in Step 4 above, you have the option to include a lot of information, much of which will help visitors make a decision and find your business, so don’t miss out.
  • Remain Engaged Through Reviews. As the owner of the listing, you can’t go through and delete negative reviews (you can only report reviews that are inappropriate, which will then send that review to Yahoo). However, it is important that you remain engaged by replying to reviews and responding to those who have said things about your business. It isn’t necessary to do this for every single review, but if there is a question or something needs to be clarified, chime in. Readers like to see owners getting involved.
  • Add a Great Photo. You can only add one photo on Yahoo Local unless you upgrade to the $9.95 per month enhanced listing (where you can add up to 10). In either case, know that your photo is important. If you only have one chance, make sure you don’t just have a picture of a plate of food or your staff. Show your building or the inside of your building to give readers a real feel for your business.
  • Consider Using Keywords. Yahoo Local has a search bar where visitors can search for a particular type of company or location. This means that Yahoo Local has a search engine results page. Getting to the top of those SERPs is going to depend upon the keywords you have on your listing. Make sure you have a targeted keyword in your description, photo caption, and title if necessary.

Below is a screenshot of a completed business listing optimized for users. You will notice that their head picture isn’t necessarily of the restaurant, but this listing has many other photos available.


Overview of Yahoo Local

  • Yahoo Local is important to get involved with in order to increase your online visibility to local searchers. It’s free, easy to manage, and easy to create.
  • You can visit here to being setting up your business listing on Yahoo Local. Follow the directions and complete your listing in just a few minutes.
  • Always remember to complete all information on your listing, add a photo that really represents your business, and utilize keywords in order to optimize your listing as much as possible. The better your listing is optimized, the better chance you have to earn clicks and conversions.

Are you a business that uses Yahoo Local? What benefits have you found since becoming a part of the site? Let us know your story and your thoughts in the comments below.

Image Credit: simpartners.com


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