Mobile PPC & Bing See Significant Gains in Q2 2013 Paid Search Reports

Multiple pay-per-click (PPC) studies have been released covering the second quarter of 2013 and it paints a positive picture on the increase spend and conversions in the paid search markets.

Covario released the global paid search spend analysis covering the second quarter 2013. They found that PPC advertising on mobile devices continues to grow significantly, being up 39 percent over last quarter, and an astonishing 132 percent increase from last year.

They also found that regionally, the Americas – led by the United States and Canada –had an 8 percent increase from last quarter and a 17 percent increase from the previous year.

Covario recommended that advertisers should budget a consideration of 18 to 20 percent for spend throughout the rest of the year, and they also recommend spending 83 percent on Google with 15 percent to Bing-Yahoo. You can view the full report here (sign up required).


IgnitionOne released their own results and included some interesting stats comparing tablets versus smartphones. When comparing year-over-year data, PPC search spend is up 116 percent for tablets and 106 percent for smartphones.


RKG’s Q2 analysis found that Bing Ads has seen significant traffic gains over the last several quarters. They found that despite the increase in traffic, the traffic quality remains the same. They found that while Bing Ads search costs rose by 58% in 2012 Q2 compared to 2013 Q2, the ROI remained stable.

Both IgnitionOne and Covario state it is too soon to determine what impact Google’s new Enhanced Campaigns will have, however it is believed to be impacting both an increase in cost and cost per clicks.

UPDATE: Kenshoo also checked in with global search advetising trends, in infographic form. Enjoy:


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