VideoTubular Labs Crunches Big Data to Create Audience Dashboard for YouTube

Tubular Labs Crunches Big Data to Create Audience Dashboard for YouTube

Attention brands, digital studios, and video creators: You now have a new tool to gain insights into your YouTube channel's performance. The Tubular analytics suite enables you to identify and engage superfans and influencers, and grow your audience.

Tubular Labs today emerged from private to public beta by granting full, open access to Tubular’s real-time dashboard. The Tubular big-data analytics suite enables brands, digital studios, and creators to identify and engage superfans and influencers as well as grow their audience on YouTube.

In a press release, Rob Gabel, Tubular Labs CEO, said, “Frequent Tubular users grew their YouTube subscriber base by 30 percent in Q2, 16 percent faster than Tubular non-users. They also grew their views 12 percent faster than Tubular non-users.”

Tubular Labs also today revealed its suite of robust features that allow users to:

  • Understand the audience composition, viewing preferences and interests of any audience on YouTube.
  • Search comments of any channel or video for influencers, questions or keywords.
  • Learn when their audience is active and receive a suggested best time to post.
  • Engage their superfans and influencers in any geographic location, effortlessly.
  • Find new collaborators or promotional partners and track their success of collaborations and promotions.
  • Benchmark growth against peers or competitors.

Tubular Labs’ first product, the Tubular real-time audience dashboard, mines over 1 billion social engagements on 50 million videos from every influencer, superfan and creator on YouTube using their patent-pending AudienceGraph technology. Tubular Labs’ Vice President of Engineering, David Koblas, formerly led engineering teams to build continuously updating systems at scale for [email protected], Yahoo Mail, and Wink, a people search engine.

“Technology is driving massive transformation in the analytics and video industries. Analytics are transforming from panel-driven, historical reports into real-time, interactive applications powered by big-data insights. Video is transforming from broadcast and cable TV into a global, mobile, open and increasingly social set of communities,” Gabel said. “Merge real-time audience analytics with the advocacy and hyper-interactivity of today’s viewing population and you can imagine the level of insights and actionable marketing applications we can build – that’s Tubular.”

More than 100 leaders from the online video world have been early adopters of Tubular, including AwesomenessTV, Big Frame, Chester See, INDMUSIC, Machinima, The Orchard, StyleHaul, Taryn Southern, and YOMYOMF. Brands, studios and television networks have also taken advantage of Tubular in private beta.

Tubular Labs was founded by Rob Gabel and Allison Stern in June 2012. The product pushed into private beta in the winter or 2012 on the heels of raising over $3.1M in angel and Series A financing.

At the ReelSEO Video Marketing Summit, which was held last week in San Francisco, Gabel was one of the speakers and several YouTube creators and studios were already buzzing about the upcoming announcement by Tubular Labs.

Margaret Laney, the Chief Marketing Officer of AwesomenessTV, said, “The Tubular team understands what we’re trying to accomplish. Every online video creator will want access to these tools.”

YouTube creator Mike Relm said, “It’s like I’ve been driving with a dirty windshield and Tubular gave me wipers.”

And YouTube creator Taryn Southern said, “I could literally use this everyday. Like obsessively. I already use Tubular to identify and reach out to superfans and influencers.”

It was also possible to get some screen shots of the real-time audience dashboard for YouTube. For example, the one below shows the influencers for Cory Cotton’s Dude Perfect channel, which has more than 1.3 million subscribers and over 134 million views.


The next screen shot shows other channels also watched by Cory Cotton’s visitors.


The third screen shot shows comments by influencers on videos on the Dude Perfect channel.


Up to now, brands, digital studios, and creators could use YouTube Analytics regularly to assess their channel’s performance and investigate changes or trends across key metrics. But Tubular’s real-time dashboard enables them to “see around corners and over walls,” like the toy periscopes promised years ago.


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