PPCIntegrated PPC: A Mind Meld Across Online Marketing Tactics

Integrated PPC: A Mind Meld Across Online Marketing Tactics

Incorporating PPC advertising into other media to reach organizational goals is becoming an expectation among savvy online marketers. Here's how you can get started integrating PPC with video, email, print, or mobile marketing.


Does your marketing department tend to function as a silo? Has your online media become a silo within a silo?

Often times as marketers we tend to focus on the strategy and implementation of our tactics so intently that we forget they should act together as a harmonious online family. There are not only efficiencies in this approach, but also great opportunities to leverage the strengths to complement and drive results.

That’s not to say that one should not have specializations that drive their individual directions, but this is about specialists coming together for a mind meld and working together on the common goals.

Integrating PPC With Other Marketing Efforts: How to Get Started

Begin by creating a grid of the core marketing tactics across the top and the same list, or specialties, going down. Where the two intersect is an opportunity:


The opportunities may be ongoing as in collecting audience lists or specific promotional targeting. Many of the ways to integrate PPC will include retargeting because the ad copy and landing pages can be so personalized to our lists. The lists themselves can be build from virtually any website visitor, but let’s explore a few ideas and examples.

PPC & Video

Retargeting on YouTube allows advertisers with a video presence on YouTube to jump platforms and then retarget a list off YouTube. Target people across the Google Display Network who watched a specific video or subscribed to your YouTube channel.

It works the other direction as well. If someone visited your site already, you can target that person as they browse on YouTube.

PPC & Email

Email utilizes your customer list to keep connecting with them in the inbox. Whether you’re using basic or advanced email marketing tactics, take advantage of every opportunity to grow your list from PPC.

Consider using “join the email list” as one of the calls to action in your ad and on the landing page. Or consider running email list only acquisition campaigns.

Email blasts can be a good way to drive customers back again and again.

Another way to integrate PPC with email is to tag the email landing page with a retargeting pixel from your AdWords account.

If you can continue to build on this list, it can be used for Remarketing Lists For Search Ads. Try retargeting past customers doing searches comparing products in your category or on “sale” or “deals” keywords to drive them back.

PPC & Print Ads

Complement your print ads by placing display network banners on the same website property or similar content sites. Using the Display Planner Tool in AdWords, I can run a plan showing websites, mobile apps, and videos related to, and including, “cooklight.com” to layer on top of my print ads in the magazine.


PPC & Mobile

We live in a mobile world where people are constantly searching on smaller screens for the same information as desktop. PPC and mobile are the wave of the future – just ask the millions of advertisers who just upgraded to Adwords enhanced campaigns.

Unfortunately, many advertisers have simply set a bid adjustment and called it a day. We can do better.

Think of mobile as the second screen so other marketing tactics likely to touch PPC will also touch mobile. In addition, the basics need to be covered to integrate mobile:

These customers won’t be able to convert the same as from desktop PPC or other media, so a few options may be:

  • Click to call.
  • Ability to email themselves the products they browse.
  • Map and directions in local maps or on site.
  • Multiple options to find what they need, for example by including sitelinks.



Incorporating PPC into other media to reach organizational goals is becoming an expectation among savvy online marketers. What ways have you found to mind meld with the team and kill it with conversions? Tell us how!


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