Google Wants to Write Your Social Media Messages For You

robot-writerOverwhelmed by social media? Google may have patented a solution for you, in the form of software that mimics the types of responses you make to update messages on various social networks.

The patent, by Ashish Bhatia representing Google, describes a comprehensive social media bot, providing suitable yet seemingly personalized responses on social media platforms.

Essentially, the program analyzes the messages a user makes through social networks, email, text messaging, microblogging, and other systems. Then, the program offers suggestions for responses, where the original messages are displayed, with information about others reactions to the same messages, and then the user can send the suggested messages in response to those users. The more the user utilizes the program and uses the responses, the more the bot can narrow down the types of responses you make.

The key to this is the personalized reactions. We’ve all seen typical blog spam comments made to blog posts along the lines of “Great, keep up the good work” or “This was really insightful and made me think.”

However, this program would generates personalize reactions and messages that continue to be tailored to the user and specifically to the messages being responded to. It also will automatically adjust the suggested messages that generates over time, so that you don’t get the kind of situation where you respond to every interaction with “Great!”

The present disclosure is particularly advantageous because it provides a system and interface that automatically generate suggestions for personalized reactions or messages. There is no requirement for the user to set reminders or be proactive. The system automatically without user input analyzes information to which the user has access, and generates suggestions for personalized reactions to messages. The suggestion analyzer cooperates with the decision tree to learn the user’s behavior and automatically adjust the suggested messages that are generated over time.

The patent covers a variety of methods covering all steps of the program.

The present disclosure also describes a number of methods including a method for initializing a message suggestion system, a method for generating suggested messages or reactions, a method for sending suggested messages or reactions, and a method for updating a suggestion analyzer.

This patent could revolutionize social media marketing, particularly for businesses and celebrities who want to ensure they are engaging with customers or fans, but might not necessarily have the manpower or the time to do it manually. While there are tools that exist to help automate some of these things, something that can analyze content and suggest appropriate responses that can evolve over time doesn’t exist.

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