57% of Ecommerce Brands Don’t Use Site Search in Marketing [Study]

How do you integrate your site search capabilities into your marketing? Do you use the data at all? This is what SLI Systems set out to study in its latest research that asked ecommerce brands how they were leveraging on-site search data to create a better experience for site visitors. What the study found was more than half of those surveyed didn’t use site search data at all for marketing.


Thirty percent surveyed admitted to not knowing how to use site search data effectively to improve their marketing campaigns.

SLI Systems said that of those leveraging site search data, 25 percent said they integrate it into email marketing campaigns and 27 percent created search engine optimized landing pages populated with site search results and custom banners.

Thirteen percent used site search data to power mobile search, and 11 percent used the data with social media to “improve amplification of marketing programs,” SLI said in its report.

The report highlighted case studies where ecommerce brands like Jelly Belly and others boosted marketing through site search data to improve the user experience, elevate PPC campaigns, and enhance communications all around.

When those surveyed asked which site search features they already had, and which they planned to add in 2014, nearly 29 percent said they would add A/B testing into their site search in the coming year. Most (63 percent) said they already had the autocomplete feature and 18 percent planned to add it in 2014.


To download the full report, go here.

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