Content11 Untapped Content Promotion Strategies

11 Untapped Content Promotion Strategies

Looking for more traffic and inbound links from your content marketing? Then it's time to promote it. Here are 11 untapped strategies that you can use to see better results from every blog post, video and guide that you publish.

Money From the TapIs your content getting you the traffic and inbound links that it deserves?

If not, then you probably have one question burning on your mind: “why not?”.

After all, you work your tail off to provide fresh content that solves your audience’s problems.

So what’s going on?

It might be because you’ve overlooked that oft-ignored second word in the phrase, “content marketing”. Yes, I’m talking about marketing your content just like a new product or service.

The fact is, with 2 million blog posts published every day, hitting the publish button simply just doesn’t cut it anymore. If you want your content to get you results in 2014 (and beyond) you need to actively promote it.

Here are eleven untapped strategies that you can use to get better results from every blog post, video and guide that you publish.

1. Industry Forums

Because forums were created back in the days of dial up modems and AOL CDs, most marketers ignore them in favor of “the next big social media network.”

That’s a huge missed opportunity.

Forums are one of the few places online where you have hundreds (and sometimes thousands) of captive audience members interested in your content’s topic.

Warrior Forum

For example, the marketing-focused Warrior Forum has at least three thousand members on the forum at any given time:

To promote your content on a forum, simply start a new thread with a condensed version of your article.

It may sound self-promotional, but as long as you’re also answering questions and participating in the community, your thread will be received with open arms.

2. Thank Influencers on Google+

Whenever you mention an influential blogger in one of your blog posts, give them a shout out on Google+ by adding a +TheirName in your post.

You can say something like “Thanks to +Danny Goodwin for the tip about anchor text”.

When you do, they’ll get notified via email (if they have email notifications enabled) and from that little bell icon in the corner of Google.

Either way, they’re very likely to see your shout out (and your content).

3. Ask Readers to Share

One of the easiest ways to get more traction from your content is to ask existing readers to share it.

Sound simple?

It is.

Derek Halpern at Social Triggers is a master at this. Here’s a call to action from his latest post:

Share this link

You can do the same thing by adding a friendly but specific call to action that encourages readers to share what they just read.

4. Quote an Expert

This strategy takes advantage of the built-in promotion of roundup posts, without having to go through the hassle of organizing one.

First, find a place in your article where an expert perspective would add value. For example, if you were publishing a post about the Paleo Diet you’d reach out to an influential person to ask them what they think about a sub-topic of your post. Then, publish their insights.

After you publish, email them to thank them for their contribution. Because it’s an ego boost for a blogger to get quoted somewhere, they’ll usually be happy to share it with their followers.

5. Time Your Emails

You may already know that your email list is one of the best places to get traction for your epic content.

Knowing that, are you timing your emails to maximize your open and click-through rate?

Send your emails in the early afternoon when people are bored and more likely to click through and engage. That typically beats first thing in the morning when your email is a drop among a tidal wave of messages that your subscribers are combing through.

Although the afternoon works in most cases, you want to test different broadcast times to see which land you the best CTR for your list.

6. Tap Into Roundups

Link roundups are a frictionless way to get the word out about your new content.

The great thing about roundups is that you’re reaching out to people that are actively looking for content to share. It’s just a matter of sending them a quick message to give them a heads up.

Not only do you get targeted referral traffic from a roundup message but a nice contextual link to go along with it.

7. LinkedIn Groups

LinkedIn groups are a high-tech version of a forum. And like forums, they’re teeming with people that are hungry for fresh content.

You can easily find LinkedIn groups in your industry by choosing groups from the search menu and entering a keyword that describes what you do:

LinkedIn Groups

Then add value while sharing your content with the group.

8. Find Content Curators

If you have something truly special to share, seek out content curation posts from blogs in your indus. These are similar to roundups, but are more evergreen. That means you can promote content that didn’t get the exposure it needed the first time around.

For example, search for “best Twitter posts 2013” or “best fitness videos on YouTube”. Then pitch these curators your awesome content. Because their post gets better with every quality addition, you’re actually helping to improve their content with your pitch. So there’s no need to be shy.

9. Paid Content Syndication

Paid syndication services like Outbrain and Taboola are relatively cheap ways to drive traffic to your new content.

Just set up an account, add your URL and set a CPC and budget.

Outbrain Paid Content Syndication

Your content will be suggested on sites related to your content’s topic. Like with most non-AdWords paid traffic sources, expect high bounce rates and low engagement. However, when you test and experiment, you can generate a ton of buzz with the help of paid content syndication.

10. Content Curation Sites

Sites like and exist for one reason: to give people a place that they can share great content that they find. Not only do these curators share content with their followers within the platform, but they usually share generously on social media too.

All you need to do is find influential curators and send them your content. even has a built-in “suggest” feature where you can send curators your content directly through their system.

11. Social Sharing Communities

Communities like Social Buzz Club and Triberr are (free) communities of bloggers looking to get more exposure for their content.

They all work with some sort of karma system. The more you share other people’s content, the more people will share yours. So start joining and sharing today so you can tap into these communities the next time you publish something great.

Are there any strategies that I missed? Leave a comment below.


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