Bing to Showcase Winter Olympics Data in Search Results

The XXII Olympic Winter Games officially open on Friday and Bing is getting ready to celebrate in a big way. If you’re one of those who needs all the results and information on the athletes, Bing has all your Olympic information just a click away. Bing will keep you up-to-date with:

  • Olympic Event Schedules
  • Real-Time Medal Counts
  • Athlete Profiles and Information

Most information will appear directly inline with search results, while some information will be made available as Bing Snapshot data in a sidebar.

For example, want to know the schedule for all the biathlon schedule? Simply type [biathlon] and the schedule will appear near the top of the results.


Once the medals start accumulating, you can stay up to date on the medal count by entering the search query [Winter Olympics Medal Tally]. Bing will list the individual and collective medal totals.

As you’re keeping up with the schedules and who’s winning medals, you’ll naturally want to look up more details about the medal winners. Through Bing’s Snapshot technology, search for Olympic Athletes to see a sidebar of profile information.


Along with an image, Bing provides the customary biographical, social and Klout information. Bing introduced a new timeline feature that displays a chronological list of career highlights from the athletes.


If all the new data wasn’t enough to bring you to Bing, the search engine said they’ll have home page images specially themed with the Sochi Winter Games in mind. Learn more about Bing’s features that center around the Winter Olympics at

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