Search is the Starting Point for 60% of Travelers, While Social Informs [Study]

Market for the travel industry? Kenshoo recently released an industry spotlight report for the travel sector that shows search leading as the starting point for consumers planning trips and making reservations.

Kenshoo reports 58 percent of leisure travelers and 64 percent of business travelers begin with search, with one out of four tablet users converting by booking air travel on a tablet.


The report also shows that 51 percent of travelers globally use social media to inform their travel decisions. Travelers from the Asia-Pacific region relied more heavily on social for inspiration, with 70 percent indicating they use the channel when making travel plans, according to Kenshoo.

The top 10 major airlines vary greatly when it comes to followers and engagement on Twitter, with JetBlue taking the top spot for followers and TAM Airlines publishing the most tweets, Kenshoo reported.


Another key trend reported by Kenshoo indicates the travel and leisure industry drives the highest click-through rate (CTR) for paid search in the U.S. amongst six major industry sectors.


The CTR for travel and leisure is 79 percent higher than the total CTR calculated for all six industries studied, reported Kenshoo, with luxury travel searchers who have high intent generating the highest CTR.

When it came to cost-per-click (CPC) data, Kenshoo said “motivated and engaged searchers within subcategories such as air travel and last-minute travel drive lower CPCs and higher CTRs than most other travel subcategories.”

More details from Kenshoo’s data here:


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