Bing Ads Offers New Bulk Editing Tools

In a recent announcement, Bing said Bing Ads will offer bulk editing plus the ability to review accounts with up to 1 million keywords, 500,000 ads, and 250,000 ad groups within the Web user interface.


In the announcement, Bing acknowledges its previously time-consuming process:

If you have ever had to increase bids for low performing keywords across your entire account or increase budget for all of your campaigns, you know how time-consuming it can be. Not anymore! Located under the Edit Menu in the Keywords and Campaigns tabs, you can also preview the changes that will be applied.

Now, advertisers can make changes to the following areas in bulk:

  • Keywords: Bids, destination URLs, status
  • Campaigns: Budget changes, status changes

Here’s a brief video that explains the new feature:

Other notable features Bing Ads has been working on lately include more control over geotargeting.

Bing also says it is “working on supporting a number of other bulk operations for other entities like ads and ad groups as well.”

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