Drop the Beat: Bing Adds Song Lyrics to Search Results

Bing users can now view song lyrics quickly in search results. This new function allows instant access to the words to your favorite songs without needing to click around to find the right link.

According to Bing, they are starting with approximately 500,000 songs and plan to increase that number substantially within the next few weeks.

In addition to instantaneous access to lyrics, users can also gain additional information about the artist, related songs, albums, and more in results appearing to the right of search results. 

Below is an example of a search for “Tiny Dancer Lyrics.” Unfortunately, these results further disprove my original thought that the words were “hold me closer Tony Danza.”


However, what if you’re searching for a song title that shares a name with other songs? For example, I searched for “Breathe Lyrics.” Because there are so many songs with that title, the results did not contain lyrics at the top.


However, I narrowed my search by searching for “Breathe Faith Hill Lyrics” and was sent to the quick results.


At least in the searches I conducted, it appears that the results are being pulled from the website LyricFind.

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