Apple Maps Using TripAdvisor Reviews in Some Searches

Apple Maps, the default mapping service for iPhone and other iOS-enabled devices, could be partnering with TripAdvisor and to provide additional hotel reviews.

An astute Apple Insider user noticed that Apple Maps is turning up TripAdvisor reviews for hotels located in New Jersey. Further tests showed that reviews were showing up in search results in China and other parts of the world.


Since its launch in 2012, Apple Maps has lagged behind Google Maps in popularity, and in recent years has acquired start-ups that help crowdsource location data and clarify public transit schedules. Partnerships with TripAdvisor and could be Apple’s attempt to supplement Yelp reviews in weak areas as a way to fill gaps in service.

Apple has yet to make a statement about changes to the service, and neither TripAdvisor nor is listed as a source on Apple’s Maps Attribution Web page.

Homepage image via Shutterstock.

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