SEO3 SEO Automation Solutions You Should Consider

3 SEO Automation Solutions You Should Consider

If you can afford their prices, RIO SEO, SLI Systems and YourAmigo are just three companies with products that could be good supplements to your SEO efforts.

Note: There is now a more up-to-date version of this article: The best tools for automating your SEO

Good SEO help is hard to find and expensive to implement, between factors like time commitments, tools of the trade, content needs, and technical hurdles. And with so few marketers really understanding SEO, it’s no wonder so many people seek out what they believe to be the easiest path.

I’ll be honest: for some companies, it’s their only option. Some of these alternatives are a solid component (not “substitute”) for what my agency will do for our clients. For some companies, getting the IT department to implement “simple things” like URL rewrites is a dead-end. They simply will not – or cannot – do this. There are some websites that exist on third-party platforms so limited that in some cases, you can’t make the most basic changes, such as Title Tags. In some instances, the competitive landscape is so vast that it’s increasingly challenging to keep up with the amount of content and being added to websites.

Automation can be the key to keeping pace, but it shouldn’t be all that you do. What does SEO automation look like? Here are three providers:


If you’re faced with an IT department who can’t implement SEO recommendations or if you have a website that’s powered by a third-party that can’t seem to modify Title Tags, or add pages and content, RIO SEO’s Website Optimizer can be your saving grace. The tool works by essentially developing a proxy version of your website. In most cases, depending on your server configuration, you will be asked to disallow bots from the “real” website. Website Optimizer will provide a dashboard by which you can rewrite URLs, add pages, add content to pages and do the things necessary for on-page SEO efforts.

While the tool will help you to create a search engine-friendly version of your website, it works best when you already have built-in trust, authority, and links to your domain. You’ll also still need someone to drive the SEO bus. Someone has to know what needs to be done: do URLs need to be rewritten? Does content need to be added? If so, what kind of content? What should the Title Tags be? How will we continue to develop thought-leadership, social and links? And on and on.

It’s not cheap, but large e-commerce companies have been on this bandwagon for many years with Website Optimizer.

2. SLI Systems

SLI Systems has two products, Site Search and Site Champion, that essentially work together to dynamically develop pages, based on your own Site Search activity. You set the thresholds, and have some control over which pages get launched and which don’t – as well as how the content on the pages is rendered – but the system pretty much handles the launch of pages.

Here’s a scenario: you operate a Widget company and implement SLI’s Learning Search and Site Champion products. Over time, SLI learns that 50 people search for “red widgets” each month. SLI’s Site Champion product will launch a page for you on a sub-domain – I’m using sub-domain for this example, but you have the option of sub-directory, as well. This page is completely powered by SLI. The page will contain all of the red widgets that you have in your database, and the rankings of the products on this page will be routinely optimized based on the click-through-rate of the listed products. You will maintain the ability to manage and change the rules and rankings.

Once again, the price isn’t cheap and while this product certainly isn’t a substitute for “real SEO,” it’s a compelling component. Site Champion’s pricing is more or less performance-based, whereby SLI will charge you for the clicks from the pages that they’ve developed to your product pages.

3. YourAmigo

Unlike RIO SEO, which will ask that you disallow the bots from your “real” website so they can provide a search engine friendly version of it for you, YourAmigo is meant to be a supplement to your existing SEO efforts, focused entirely on the long tail of search. In fact, I’m told that 100 percent of YourAmigo’s clients have in-house SEO teams and/or agencies assigned to work the more holistic SEO efforts, with YourAmigo acting as the supplement to specifically target the long tail. Working with data you provide and crawling your website, YourAmigo will find the keywords to target and build pages based on what its systems say about search volume and conversion rate. That way, they are automatically building out pages geared toward opportunities they’ve uncovered.

To give you an idea for how vast this might be, one of their clients currently has over 500,000 YourAmigo pages indexed in Google. Compare this to the just over 400,000 pages this same client has “natively,” and you can see how many pages YourAmigo is creating. These pages are linked from their clients’ home pages so that they get indexed and can rank. As you may have guessed, YourAmigo will only be as successful as the company’s authority (links, etc.) allow them to be. Once again, if you’re looking for an automated solution that is going to automate authority building, you’re out of luck.

Like the other providers, YourAmigo is not inexpensive and not for everyone, particularly smaller businesses. You can expect to pay a set-up fee and an “initial one-time minimum campaign budget at the 3-4 month point,” in the company’s words. While pricing structures vary slightly depending upon the customer’s ROAS Target Requirements, clients have the option of negotiating a cost-per-click, cost-per-lead or revenue share arrangement with YourAmigo.

I will not pretend that these three providers are the only ones in the game. I would welcome anyone to add more in the comments so we can establish a robust listing of options available in the SEO automation space.


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