Google Maps Now Shareable Across Devices

Google Maps just got sharable, according to an update the company posted today on Google+.

Maps users can now sync desktop maps to mobile. To share maps, both devices must be signed in to Google Maps. As long as devices are signed in, available devices should show beneath search results under the “Send to Device” tag. Once a place is sent, an alert is sent to mobile via push notification. The update is available for both iPhone and Android, but won’t work if Maps are set to “lite mode.”google-maps-desktop-sync-update

While many users reported trouble synching devices in the comments of the Google+ post, according to the company’s help document, the Maps update should work if both devices have the latest version of Google Maps, are signed in to the same account, have a reliable Wi Fi connection, and have enabled notifications. However, as of publication, the update hasn’t worked for SEW reporters.

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