Bing to Prohibit Multiple Display URL Domains Under the Same Ad Group

Beginning the first week in August, Bing will allow only single display domains to be associated with an ad group.

The reasoning behind this decision is that an ad group typically brings together related ads and keywords under a common theme, so it should share the same display domain for all ads. Bing will allow URLs hosted in the same site to include subdomains sharing the same domain.

For example, for the site, an ad group can encompass, and because those URLs share the same top-level or root domain of “” That said, URLs such as, and will not be allowed because they don’t have the same root domain.

When Bing rolls out this policy in August, the company will start disapproving non-compliant ad groups and send the message below to rejected ads:


This amendment will be global and will apply to ad groups across countries and languages.

*Homepage image via Shutterstock.

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