IndustryBing Launches Marketplace Trends Site to Help Targeting

Bing Launches Marketplace Trends Site to Help Targeting

Following customer feedback, Bing launched a new site to help its advertisers better target based on location and device, as well as different times of the day and year.

A new Bing Ads tool aims to make targeting easier for advertisers.

The Bing Ads Marketplace Trends Interactive website was developed based on customer feedback from “listening tours,” during which three particular things kept coming up over and over again. Sub-sections of the new site include device targeting trends, which focuses on CTR, CPC and volume by device type; ad scheduling trends about volume by different days and times in addition to device type; and location targeting shows CPC and CTR by state. All three are filterable by industry and sub-industry.

“I think it all means different things to different people, depending on what type of business you’re in,” says John Cosley, director of Bing Ads Product Marketing. “For a big CPG advertiser, someone who makes washing machines and isn’t doing the selling but is doing the manufacturing, the development info may be more interesting. If you’re a local retailer, location targeting trends may be of value to you.”

Cosley says that another aspect of the latter is helping advertisers allocate their budgets by showing which keywords are resonating where. Sample maps on Bing‘s website show that in the retail sector, a hypothetical advertiser could have a 3.02 percent CTR in Tennessee – the highest in the country – where the CPC is 59 cents, whereas New Mexico shows 61 cent clicks for a lower CTR of 1.89 percent.


The statistics from different states is also relevant for national brands in terms of ad scheduling trends, which can help search marketers “understand their performance for the industry they’re in and how they can measure against it,” as Cosley says.

Device targeting was also a key point, given that mobile surpassed desktop in search queries earlier this year. Market research firm BIA/Kelsey found that as of its June study, there were 66.5 local search queries made on mobile this year, compared with 65.6 for desktop. By the end of the year, those numbers are projected to be 81.8 million and 64.6 million, respectively.

The new site follows the Bing Ads Audience Data site, which was launched last month and showed an audience primarily made up of childless couples with a household income greater than $100,000. For now, the Marketplace Trends data is only available to U.S. advertisers.

“The hunger for more and in-real-time data came through so that’s where we pushed further,” Cosley says. “We strive to be more of an opaque box in that way than our competitors are.”


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