Mobile marketers are missing out on hyperlocal: report

Despite the opportunity to target customers based on their locations, just 22% of marketers agree that they are exploiting hyperlocal advertising to its full potential. 

It works too, so many advertisers are missing out on one of the best tactics to use.

This is one of the findings from our State of Mobile Advertising 2016 report, produced in association with Search Optics.

The hyperlocal opportunity

With the near ubiquity of smartphones, and their growing use to access digital content, the opportunity to target based on location has never been greater.

However, of the hyperlocal tactics for targeting consumer we asked about, there wasn’t a majority of respondents using a single one.


The most popular tactic (customer match) is used by a mere 35% of advertisers, while at the bottom end of the scale the use of specific locations such as shopping malls is only used by 10%.

Respondents using hyperlocal targeting are reporting great results from these tactics. For every single hyperlocal tactic, the vast majority of respondents who have used them report ‘excellent’ or ‘good’ ROI.

hyperlocal effect

For client-side respondents, more than 90% said that retargeting by unique device, competitor businesses and their own business name results in ‘good’ to ‘excellent’ effectiveness.

Just 22% of all respondents said they were using hyperlocal targeting to its full potential.

However, it seems we’re at an early stage for hyperlocal targeting, and the positive results enjoyed by the marketers using such tactics should ensure that more will focus on geo-targeting in the near future.

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