Searching Newsgroups / Usenet / Forums

Anyone who’s ever struggled to find a relevant newsgroup for a particular topic by looking at newsgroup names will find the search engines below incredibly helpful.

For example, say you wanted to find discussions about online shopping. You could scan the list of newsgroups and hope to find something like Instead, just enter those words into a newsgroup search engine, and you’ll be presented with messages and newsgroups relevant to the topic.

Newsgroup search engines are also is a great way for journalists to track down potential sources. For web developers and marketers, searching newsgroups can show you exactly which ones are relevant to your needs. And for general users, newsgroup search engines can help point you to those talking about similar interests online.

Google Groups
Allows you to search through years of newsgroup postings or participate online. Formerly Deja News, the service was acquired by Google in early 2001.

Forum One
Allows you to search over 300,000 web-based discussion forums.

Arianna Usenet
Usenet search engine that allows searching, browsing, posting and decoding of articles which are in Italian newsgroups.

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