Reports from Search Engine Strategies China: Day One

Marc Hil Macalua is currently reporting live at the Search Engine Roundtable on the SES China 2006 conference. You will be able to find all of his coverage here, but for a list of this morning sessions see below.

+ SES China Day 0
+ Johnny Chou Keynote Address
+ Jack Ma Keynote Address
+ Introduction to Search Engine Marketing: A Global Perspective

At the current time the other sessions are not posted. I am not sure of the stability of the Internet connection in China, so I hope the others go live soon. I will update you in this entry or you can visit the Search Engine Roundtable to track the updates yourself.

Want to discuss at our forums? Join the thread named SES China 06 Coverage.

PostScript: Spoke with Marc, he is having issues connecting to certain SEO related sites. He hopes to finish them up and if he can not post them himself, email them to me, so I can post them on his behalf. Sorry for it not being as “live” as I would have liked.

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