Google Maps Added As OneBox Result

Rob over in our Search Engine Watch forums thread Google Maps + Reviews In Main Search Results and Philipp Lenssen reports that Google seems to have added a new Google Maps “OneBox” display for some results.

Philipp shows how a search on sf mortgage broker brings up a Google Maps like UI at the top of the results. In the past, it would have just brought up links to local results and not a full-fledged map.

I tested it out on my own company and it also brings up the Google Maps OneBox. You can see the difference between local results and Google Map results by comparing this query and this query.

The difference is huge for a search marketer because it displays only one result at the top, takes up a huge amount of screen real estate and it much more in your face the blue text links.

Postscript By Danny:
Brad Geddes has a very nice write-up also illustrating what a big impact this can be for a local merchant: Google adds Maps to Main Search Results.

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