Assert Ownership Over Your Online Identity with PeoplePond Profile

One of the new exhibitors at SES San Jose 2009 was PeoplePond. The company offers a unique Internet service that provides personal brand visibility, reputation management and identity verification services.

Today, PeoplePond announced that profile authors can now prove and demonstrate ownership over many of their social media accounts when they subscribe to PeoplePond’s Identity Verification package. This includes social media accounts on Facebook, Flickr, MySpace, Picasa, Twitter and YouTube.

PeoplePond’s Services Verification is the first of other new capabilities PeoplePond plans to launch during the upcoming weeks to make it easier for people to create a verified and trusted position from which to promote their personal brands and online assets. Each PeoplePond profile is designed to provide the owner full control to implement a search engine optimization strategy that boosts visibility for their entire online identity.

Additionally, the PeoplePond Identity Verification service confirms to profile visitors that the profile owner has proven they are who they say they are. This takes the teeth out of online identity thieves by providing a bona fide point of reference for online identity.

PeoplePond is part of the Cranberry Venture Partners, LLC network of Web sites. Cranberry is home to a team of developers led by David McInnis, who is best known for founding PRWeb.

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