IndustryThe Number One Google Killer: Google

The Number One Google Killer: Google

Have you noticed lately that Google wants to keep connecting all of your logins on various products together? You’re not alone. Have you wanted to keep them separate but Google won’t let you? You’re still not alone.

I’ve been talking extensively lately with my former boss, in-house SEM Al Scilitani about this very problem. It seems that Google keeps forcing him to combine all of his Google accounts together. That means he would need to use the same login for Google AdWords, which he needs for professional means, as he would to access his portfolio on Google Finance.

Google tells him that if he wants to keep them separate, he needs to create a separate email account. I tell Al not to trust that. Here’s why:

Recently, I created a new YouTube account. I wanted to have two: one personal and one professional. I used separate Google email accounts. But every time I sign into the professional one, it automatically redirects me to the personal account. Not cool.

Everyone likes to speculate about whether Facebook or Bing or Twitter is the Google killer. But with actions like these, who needs competition? If Google keeps messing with our trust and privacy, they might turn out to be their own worst enemy.


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