White Knight SEO Checks Google Cash Scam Artists

Back on September 2, 2009, I posted a story entitled, “Google Cash Scam Artists vs. White Knight SEO Campaign.”

White Knight SEO.JPG On September 3, Matt McGee of Search Engine Land posted “Google Cash Scams Targeted By ‘White Knight’ SEOs” and Chris Crum of WebProNews posted “‘White Knights’ Take on Fraudulent Results.”

And on September 11, Kaila Krayewski of Inernet Search Engine Database posted “SEOs Try to Push Google Cash Scams Out of Rankings.”

It appears that all the attention to this issue may have prompted Google to block advertising on the term, “Google cash,” as well as another term, “Google money tree.” On September 11, Jonah Stein of It’s the ROI posted “White Knight Checks Google Cash.”

Stein said, “For advertisers playing the Google cash game, this is at best check, not mate. We have not induced a moral decision by Google to protect naive users. This appears to be the narrowest possible compromise, a strategic retreat by Google to avoid the obvious embarrassment of having the organic results overtly exposing the scams advertised on the right. Google is still allowing advertisers to bid on variations like google cash detective and google cash system.”

So, the chess game continues. Still, it’s interesting to note that a handful of White Knight SEO blogs seems to have promoted Google to suspend bidding on a couple of exact match terms. Can the end game be near?

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