Bing Launches Wolfram|Alpha Integration, Enhanced Hover Preview, and Full Page Weather/Events Results

Bing today is unleashing a flurry of big updates, all part of Bing Wave 2.

Wolfram|Alpha Partnership

First up is a new integration with Wolfram|Alpha in the diet and fitness category. As a result, users will be able to get information on nutrition and the Body Mass Index (BMI).

Enhanced Hover Preview

When Bing launched, hover preview was one of its features. The preview grabbed text from a search result so you could see more info on a site before clicking on the link. You had hover over a very small and specific circle. But now Bing is making the hover preview more accessible and substantial. Here’s what to expect:

  • An actual snapshot of the Web site in question
  • A link to the customer service number (where appropriate)
  • Deep links, the most-often-clicked links on the site
  • A search-within-this-site box that allows you to scour the site to find what you’re looking for.
  • Facebook page previews, from which you can view a person’s picture, see who is in their Facebook network and send them a message or friend request.

Weather/Event Results

If you search for a city, on the left sidebar, you’ll see a refinement search for weather in that city. Clicking on that will give you more detailed information about weather. This can help you plan your day so you know whether to grab that jacket or umbrella on the way out the door.

Bing will be pulling together information from news, events, xRank results, Twitter feeds, images, Best Match results and content from trusted sites for the Weather/Events results.

The updates will roll out over the next few days, so hold your horses if you haven’t gotten them yet.

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