VideoYouTube Rewind: Top Searches, Videos of 2010

YouTube Rewind: Top Searches, Videos of 2010

YouTube.JPGMore than 700 billion YouTube videos were viewed in 2010, and users uploaded more than 13 million hours of video (35 hours of video is uploaded every minute to the site). So what were people searching for and watching the most in 2010?

Top YouTube Searches

The YouTube blog revealed the most-searched for queries of each month:

  • January – haiti
  • February – luge
  • March – eclipse trailer
  • April – ipad
  • May – eminem not afraid
  • June – shakira waka waka
  • July – double rainbow
  • August – bed intruder
  • September – halo reach
  • October – whip my hair
  • November – firework

Top 10 Videos

For this list, YouTube looked at the view counts of all the videos (not including major label music videos) uploaded during the year to determine the most-watched videos of the year.

10. Ken Block’s Gymkhana THREE, Part 2; Ultimate Playground; l’Autodrome

9. Jimmy Surprises Bieber Fan


7. OK Go – This Too Shall Pass – Rube Goldberg Machine version

6. Yosemitebear Mountain Giant Double Rainbow 1-8-10

5. Old Spice | The Man Your Man Could Smell Like

4. Annoying Orange Wazzup

3. Greyson Chance Singing Paparazzi

2: TIK TOK KESHA Parody: Glitter Puke – Key of Awe$ome #13

1: BED INTRUDER SONG!!! (now on iTunes)

For more on YouTube in 2010, check out YouTube Rewind or YouTube Trends: Best of ’10.

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