Facebook Memology 2011: Megan Fox, Rihanna, lms

Facebook’s Memology 2011 is a pretty good representation of the people, places, and events that most mattered to people over the course of the last year. While the top search lists from AOL, Bing, and Ask.com shed light on the topics people were looking for, Facebook’s data gives us insight into the issues and media users actually cared about, or found interesting enough, to share with friends.

Following the release of their Most Shared Articles of 2011 last week, Facebook’s Memology digs deeper, into different types of media and with breakdowns for different countries. Here are a few of the highlights from their data team:

Top 10 Global Topics on Facebook in 2011


Facebook ranks the top 10 topics of the year by comparing the number of mentions each received in status updates, as compared to their popularity last year.

Top 10 Status Trends in the United States

What did Facebook users most often talk about in status updates? It’s a mash of death, politics, entertainment, and things we type because we’re too lazy to spell out actual words. Here is the American list; you can find lists from Australia, Brazill, Canada, France, the UK, Germany, India, Italy, and more on the Memology page.

  1. lms (like my status) 
  2. tbh (to be honest) 
  3. Death of Osama bin Laden 
  4. Charlie Sheen 
  5. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 
  6. Casey Anthony found not guilty 
  7. Packers win the Super Bowl 
  8. Hurricane Irene 
  9. Insidious (movie) 
  10. Death of Amy Winehouse

Fastest Growing Star Pages

Which music, movie and TV stars saw the greatest increase in their popularity, at least among Facebook users, this year?

  1. Megan Fox 
  2. Vin Diesel 
  3. Adam Sandler 
  4. Selena Gomez 
  5. Will Smith 
  6. Taylor Lautner 
  7. Jackie Chan 
  8. Ashley Tisdale 
  9. DJ Pauly D 
  10. Kim Kardashian

Most Listened to Songs in 2011

Songs by Rihanna/Calvin Harris, Katy Perry, and LMFAO were listened to on Facebook most this year, while David Guetta and Skrillex each made the list twice.

  1. We Found Love – Rihanna and Calvin Harris 
  2. Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.) – Katy Perry 
  3. Sexy And I Know It – LMFAO 
  4. Titanium – David Guetta and Sia 
  5. First of the Year – Skrillex 
  6. Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites – Skrillex 
  7. Without You – David Guetta and Usher 
  8. Stereo Hearts – Gym Class Heroes featuring Adam Levine 
  9. Pumped Up Kicks – Foster the People 
  10. Someone Like You – Adele

Their top 10 lists also looks into the most popular musicians, athletes, news outlets, movies, TV shows, and even fictional characters of 2011. You can check it all out on the Facebook Memology page.

What do you think of the top trends and topics across Facebook this year? Let us know in the comments!

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