Tom Brady vs. Eli Manning: Brady Searches Top Google, Yahoo

Tom Brady and Eli Manning will renew their rivalry today in Super Bowl 46. While Manning has the edge in their on-the-field matchups, leading 2-1 including a Super Bowl victory four years ago, people searched more for Brady on Google and Yahoo.


Over the past 30 days on Google, more people have consistently searched for information on the New England Patriots quarterback – including top searches for his stats, UUGs endorsement, and his wife Gisele Bundchen, though searches for the New York Giants quarterback were higher three of those days.



Interestingly, in New York, searches for Manning just barely outpaced those for Brady, but Manning more easily carried New Jersey. As for Maine and Vermont, they had zero interest in Manning, apparently, while Rhode Island led the country for Brady searches.


Brady’s punt during the playoff game against the Denver Broncos was also off the charts on Google, taking the top two spots for rising Google searches in the past 30 days.

Brady “dominated” searches during the NFL’s regular season, according to the Yahoo Search Blog. Yahoo searches for “Tom Brady and Gisele photos” were up 397 percent and searches for “Tom Brady baby” were up 1,109 percent.

Going back a year, Brady searches were four times greater than for Manning. Searches for Brady were two times higher than searches for Manning during the regular NFL season.

But fear not, Giants fans. Since the playoffs began, Manning began one of his trademark comebacks in Yahoo’s search results. Yahoo says the Giants QB led Brady “slightly” on searches this postseason.

Manning also appears to be a big hit with the ladies, as Yahoo searches by women spiked 268 percent. Meanwhile, Yahoo searches for “Eli Manning girlfriend” shot up by 1,201 percent and searches for “Eli Manning wedding” increased by 308 percent.

More Super Bowl Searches


Searches for the Indianapolis Super Bowl 2012 were up 1,743 percent this week on Yahoo. And while it won’t matter once the teams are on the field, the New England Patriots had 50 percent more searches than the New York Giants this year on Yahoo.

 Top Super Bowl Questions on Yahoo

  • When is the Super Bowl 2012? Sunday, February 5, 2012
  • What time is the Super Bowl? 6:30 p.m. ET (kickoff)
  • Who is playing in the Super Bowl 2012? New England Patriots vs. New York Giants
  • Who will win Super Bowl 2012?
  • Where is Super Bowl 2012? Lucas Oil Stadium; Indianapolis, IN
  • Who is singing the national anthem at the Super Bowl? Kelly Clarkson

In the coaching battle, more people searched for Bill Belichick. An appearance on documentary show “A Football Life” and a new girlfriend may have led to five times more searches for Belichick than Tom Coughlin this year on Yahoo; Belichick searches were up 730 percent this month, while Coughlin searches increased 550 percent.

Record-setting tight end Rob Gronkowski topped the list of Super Bowl receivers this year, with five times more searches than Hakeem Nicks, who came in fifth on Yahoo’s list. Victor Cruz, Wes Welker, and Aaron Hernandez rounded out the list. Welker was the most searched receiver this week.

For some, the commercials are the highlight of the Super Bowl. Fittingly, searches for “2012 Super Bowl commercials” are up 732 percent on Yahoo. Other hot searches included “funny Super Bowl commercials,” “cost of Super Bowl commercials,” “top 10 Super Bowl commercials,” “Super Bowl commercial transcripts,” and “new Super Bowl commercials.”

For the gamblers, “Super Bowl points spread” spiked 591 percent; “2012 Super Bowl ads” were up 432 percent. No doubt they helped fuel a 836 percent increase in searches for “Super Bowl 2012 predictions.”

Dips & Recipes

What would the Super Bowl be without food? Dips were hot this month. The top 10, according to Yahoo, were:

  • Buffalo chicken dip
  • Spinach dip
  • 7 Layer Mexican dip
  • Spinach artichoke dip
  • Crab dip
  • Taco dip
  • Guacamole dip
  • Chicken wing dip
  • Cheese dip
  • Shrimp dip

Searches for Super Bowl recipes climbed 210 percent this week, with 70 percent of those by women. The most popular:

  • Chicken
  • Crockpot
  • Meatloaf
  • Chili
  • Banana bread
  • Soup
  • Super Bowl
  • Beef stew
  • Vegetarian
  • Meatball

Enjoy the big game!

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