Google+ Waiting For ‘Hypergrowth’, Partners With Flipboard

googleGoogle has declared that it has yet to reach the intense period of growth with its social networking product Google+ that has been experienced by competitors such as Facebook and Twitter.

Google+ Waiting to Make Jump Into Hypergrowth

Speaking at the Le Web event in London, Bradley Horowitz, Google product management vice president, said time was still on the company’s side.

“Many of the most successful social networks took four years to get to the hypergrowth stage. I don’t think we have got to that hypergrowth stage. Eleven months in the history of social networking is not a long time,” he said. “As the French saying goes ‘nine women cannot have a baby in a month’. Our best days are ahead of us.”

Horowitz also said the last user figure given by the Google, when it said in April that the site had 170 million users, was out of date, promising “dramatic and good” numbers will be revealed during Google’s next earnings call. 

“Many of things yet to launch will make a dramatic change in [Google+] usage,” he said. “One of these is the mobile clients we have just released.”

Google+ Plus Flipboard

Horowitz also announced a partnership with Flipboard that will allow its users to share, comment on, and +1 Flipboard’s content. Google+ is a late arrival to allow the social magazine access to the Google+ application programming interface (API), trailing behind the likes of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr.

“We want to be thoughtful in how we release APIs. We will move cautiously with a single partnership for now. We want to keep the conversation pure,” he said

Horowitz said Google+ would be opened to more partners in the future, but only when it is “good and safe”.

Google’s social news reader, Currents, was hyped as a legit competitor to Flipboard, but is considered a flop. Yahoo has already given up on its own digital newstand, LiveStand.

Google+’s True Value: Hangouts

He also said that he believes the value Google+ offers users over other social networks is its Hangouts. Hangouts allow users to video chat with up to nine people.

“Like how [President] Obama did a hangout to talk to citizens,” Horowitz said. “These are different to any of the services out there.”

This article was originally published on V3.

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