’s New “Decide Score” Helps Users Find & Buy Products

In addition to supplying buyers with data on when to buy, now uses big data in another way, adding more than 7,000 expert reviews and 2 million user reviews to help consumers find out what to buy.

“We’re trying to do two things: Help consumers avoid buyer’s remorse and provide unbiased, data driven, objective information for consumers to make informed purchase decisions,” said Mike Fridgen,’s CEO.

Check out the new Decide Score in action:



Another feature offered by is to offer a two week product refund difference period for select products found through crawls the Internet for product prices daily, and if a product you bought through the website falls below what you paid for it, will cut you a check, no questions asked.

The fact that they’re proactive about these refunds is pretty cool.

Fridgen was nice enough to answer a couple of questions for Search Engine Watch about the new “Decide Score”.

AD: Tell us a little more about the Decide Score and how you’re using it to help consumers make informed purchases.

MF: Adding more than 2 million user reviews gives us more insight into what products have been tried and tested by consumers. Supplying this information to shoppers that use our site is another data-driven way we help users make purchases they won’t regret.

AD: How do you deal with products that become obsolete, or products that are old and have newer versions?

MF: We account for model lineage in our algorithm. So if you search for a product that has a newer model, there will be an easy option to find the newer model. We know where a product lives in history and help a consumer buy with that information.

AD: How do you ensure you’re supplying the freshest, highest quality data about a certain product?

MF: Freshness is definitely a factor in our algorithm, and helps us find what products are the hottest in each category that has a Decide Score associated with it. also supplied an example that compares how their shopping search platform compares to Amazon’s. On Amazon, this TV is the No. 2 most popular LED TV (and the No. 3 ranked TV overall on Amazon).

Amazon shows that you should buy it; all indications are that it’s a great TV.

Decide gives it a 77 score and says “You Can Do Better” based on user reviews and expert reviews from across the web. “We also offer a price prediction and most importantly, other items that are higher rated,” Fridgen said.

Merchants can’t yet integrate directly with, but Fridgen said “we have partnered with, so if you’re submitting your products there, you’re probably listed on”

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