Pinterest Launches Search Feature by Keyword for Your Pins

Pinterest is launching all sorts of goodies this year, with its ”Rich Pins” and analytics offering, which served as one big move to help marketers and users alike.

This week, Pinterest unveiled a helpful little feature that allows users to search for items they’ve pinnedin the past.

Here’s what the feature looks like in action for the keyword “organize.” You can filter by just your pins, as you can see in the screenshot.

Pinterest Search

Pinterest says the new feature, which gives you the ability to search both original pins and your repins, is great for all sorts of scenarios:

“If you’re getting ready to cook dinner, you can now easily find that recipe you’ve been meaning to make. Or you may have free time for weekend projects and want to quickly find your “DIY” pins.”

Keep in mind that in order for this to work, you have to organize your pins with descriptions that contain like-keywords you’re going to remember.

Pinterest gives a couple more tips in its help files:

When searching through your own pins keep in mind:

  • Results include anything public you have pinned, including your pins on other people’s group boards.
  • Results do not include secret pins or anything on a group board that you did not pin.

Note: Although we are working hard to get your new pins indexed as quickly as we can, keep in mind that there will be up to a couple of days delay before your new pins can be searched.

One potential shortcoming of this new feature is that extra step in remembering how to categorize when you pin, and also having to modify the way you write your descriptions. Boo.

Since many users have descriptions unique to their personalities, it seems reasonable that Pinterest will come up with a more streamlined tagging feature. You can see in the comment below from the announcement that this may already be something Pinterest will work on next:


Pinterest says the search feature is rolling out on the web now, and coming to mobile soon.

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