Bing Gets Trendy With Video, News Redesigns

Two of Bing’s search products got makeovers this week. Wednesday, Bing Video streamlined its look with a redesign from the ground up. Yesterday, Bing News also got an updated look, with a more natural feel for reading headlines and trending stories.

Bing Video

Bing Video Preview

Starting from scratch, the new Bing Video design shows video results in a four-column grid. Each cell contains a larger preview in a higher resolution along with the title, the name of the site on which the video is hosted, and its upload date.

Search results are pulled from all over the web. Aside from customary content from YouTube and Vimeo, Bing also serves up results from Hulu, Dailymotion, Vevo, MTV, CBS, and MSN.

New features include:

  • Video Search Filters: Similar to image search filters, Bing Video now lets you search videos by specific properties including length, date posted, resolution and video source.
  • Pop-out hover previews: You’ve always been able to preview videos on Bing. Now you can control the volume and even flag videos.
  • Improved Video Overlay: Once you’ve seen the preview and click to view, the video will load in a lightbox atop the search results. Bing has included their carousel navigation to easily view other videos from your search result.

Bing News

Bing News Old vs New

Bing News also got a fresh new look. In an effort to help people access news faster and easier, the more modern layout of Bing news makes it easier to stay on top of the news you search for. The Bing News redesign includes:

  • Responsive design for all devices.
  • A revamped Trending Topics navigation.
  • A new Trending Now section.

With an emphasis on touch, the new design gives a proper layout for desktop, tablet, or phone users. Headlines were sparse with awkward navigation in the old, two-column design. The redesigned Bing News utilizes the full width of the viewport, serving up nearly a dozen headlines, each with their own description and image.

Trending topics appear under the headlines, again using Bing’s carousel layout. This layout contains wide images with a caption on a scrolling navigation.

Other news categories appear in a three-column layout beneath the Trending Topics carousel. The third column also includes News trending on Facebook and Twitter, based on sharing volume and likes.

The newest feature to Bing News search is called Trending Now. Powered by Satori, the same back-end that powers Bing’s new instant snapshot search, Trending Now shows people, locations and other items related to the latest headlines in your news search.

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