Google Adds 70 More Now Cards

Seventy new Now cards in the Google app provide even more information to Android users before they’ve had a chance to ask for it, according to a blog post¬†from Google.

The search powerhouse introduced Google Now cards back in February, as a way for users to keep up with information from 40 different apps, including Pandora, eBay, and Airbnb. For example, when you turn your mobile Internet back on after a flight, a card from Lyft may remind you to order a car, while one from Instacart, which keeps track of frequently ordered items, may let you know that it’s time to stock up on those items.

Some newly available apps include Spotify, OpenTable, Jawbone, ABC News, RunKeeper, YouTube, and Zipcar. Additionally, Now cards can remind users of local traffic, events, and public transit arrival times.

The number of Now cards partners is now 110, with a third wave of apps to be added in the near future. The feature is still only available in Google’s Android app.

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