IndustrySearch Headlines & Links: July 17, 2006

Search Headlines & Links: July 17, 2006

Below, a recap of stories posted today to the Search Engine Watch Blog, along
with other items we’ve spotted but not blogged separately:

  • More On
    MySpace After A Search Partner

    Mining for Gold on MySpace from BusinessWeek gives a few more details on the
    story we covered earlier about MySpace seeking a partner to power searches.
    The story says RevenueScience is powering search there currently, though when
    I did my earlier post, neither Yahoo nor RevenueScience confirmed that.
    RevenueScience did confirm they do contextual/behavioral targeting, but that’s
    an entirely other type of service. The story also gives new, amazing stats
    that MySpace generates 5 percent of all searches on the web. Hmm. Just a month
    ago, this was said to be 0.6% of all searches, according to comScore. And…
  • AdWords
    Adds Category Site Selection Feature

    The Inside AdWords blog announced that you can now tell them what category of
    sites you want your ads to be displayed on. For example, if you run a karate
    site that sells Samurai swords, then you can tell AdWords to display your ads
    on sites that talk about the sport of karate. Now, I did not look if karate is
    a category under “sports” but if it is, then you can choose it. More details
    on how to use this feature at the AdWords support page….
  • Find
    Great Podcasts

    Podcasts are a very good way of keeping up to date with what is going on,
    they’re entertaining, you can play them in the background while you’re doing
    other things – but have you ever tried to find them? Quite frankly, it’s been
    pretty messy and not a lot of fun. However the article “Find great podcasts”
    is a very useful summary of podcast search engines, directories, and other
    resources. The comments also provide a useful collection of resources that can
    be used to find that elusive podcast….
  • Google
    Maps Added As OneBox Result

    Rob over in our Search Engine Watch forums thread Google Maps + Reviews In
    Main Search Results and Philipp Lenssen reports that Google seems to have
    added a new Google Maps “OneBox” display for some results. Philipp shows how a
    search on sf mortgage broker brings up a Google Maps like UI at the top of the
    results. In the past, it would have just brought up links to local results and
    not a full-fledged map. I tested it out on my own company and it also brings
    up the Google Maps OneBox. You can see the difference between local…
  • Google
    Hiring Television Engineers & Wireless Software Engineer

    Search Engine Watch Forums moderator evilgreenmonkey (brand new moderator) has
    informed me that Google posted two new interesting jobs for the London office
    for Software Engineer, Television Technology & Wireless Software Engineer in
  • Report:
    Click Fraud Rises in Q2 & High-Priced Keywords Click Fraud Rate At 20.2%

    The Click Fraud Index issued an updated report on the state of click fraud. In
    the second quarter click fraud rose four points to 14.1 percent, compared with
    the Q1 results of 13.7 percent. In addition, this time they broke out click
    fraud rates in terms of high-prices keywords versus low-price keywords. For
    terms that cost over $2.00 per click, high-priced keywords, the click fraud
    rate is higher than the average, at 20.2 percent. Click fraud is less of an
    issue at Google and Yahoo, tier one providers at 12.8 percent but did rise
    from 12.1 percent in Q1. Tier…
  • Yahoo
    Officially Launches New Home Page Design

    Yahoo has officially launched the new design they have been beta testing since
    mid-February. If you go to you will get the new design even if
    you have never seen it before. Yahoo launched the design in the UK & Ireland
    earlier this month. TechCrunch notes in the comments that the new design has
    been live in India for weeks now. The full press release is posted below….

  • Mobile-Local Search Now In 3D

    Point and search mobile technology vendor GeoVector, which partnered with
    mapping company Mapion to bring a pointing-based mobile local search offering
    to Japan, is now introducing 3D search on Japanese mobile phones. Here’s an
    example of the 3D rendering on the phone. GeoVector also says it’s in talks
    with a “major US carrier” to bring its technology to the US market….
  • Hawaiian
    Airlines Cries Search Engine Foul Over Use Of “Hawaiian” On Competitor Web

    Hawaiian Airlines is alleging that new rival Go because Go made use of the
    word “Hawaiian” too often and thus might be influencing search results….
  • Google
    Sends Aspirin After AdWords Changes Causes Headache

    Earlier this week, Al Scillitani posted at Marketing Pilgrim about how all the
    recent Google AdWords changes were giving him a headache. Today, he posted how
    in response, he’d been sent some acetaminophen in response from Google. I
    thought it was interesting enough to note in today’s search headlines roundup
    but not that big of a deal overall. How wrong I was 🙂 Over 3,000 Diggs later,
    the story’s got legs. Adam Lasnik from Google’s search quality team says he’s
    the culprit. Adam’s actually got nothing to do with AdWords, but the gesture
    was funny anyway….
  • Yahoo
    Tests Redirecting Some Searches To Site Explorer & Yahoo Search Update

    Yahoo is testing out redirecting some of those who conduct a link command or
    site command search at to the Yahoo Site Explorer tool. I
    reported this and just now received confirmation from Yahoo that they are
    testing out this solution with a “percentage of users” conducting these
    searches. Yahoo has always wanted to move these special searches off the main page and onto the Site Explorer front. On other Yahoo news,
    Yahoo just announced a weather report stating, “we rolled out an index update
    last night. As usual, you may see some changes in ranking as well…

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