SEO5 Tips on Link Bait Campaigns

5 Tips on Link Bait Campaigns

With a little planning and repetition, your link bait campaigns will become more successful. Here are some ideas on how to produce a brilliant campaign.

Have you tried a link bait campaign before, or is it on your to-do list? Let’s explore ways to increase the results of your next campaign.

Segment the Work

Start by segmenting the work into steps and categories. That way your creative people can focus on the idea aspect while others can focus on other parts of the project like who to contact.

This has several benefits, such as increasing the turnaround time, lowering training costs, and keeping people focused. Also, it creates the opportunity to hire freelancers for certain segments of the project.

Sites to Target

Have one person focused on finding the key sites to target. An example would be finding bloggers focused on baby boomers. Have that person compile a list of these bloggers with their contact information.

Also have them include basic information about the site, such as age and number of domains linking to the blog. This will make it easier on the person contacting sites to prioritize their efforts.

While conventional wisdom says to target the site with the most backlinks, sometimes it’s more effective to target the smaller ones. Because less people are trying to get their attention it will be easier to get results.

Plus, some of the more popular bloggers read those smaller blogs. You can use these smaller sites to get your material noticed with less effort.

Link Bait Idea

This is often the most challenging for companies. Try to find someone creative on your team — someone who can think outside the box and has a firm understanding of what will work in your industry.

Another option: have a brainstorming session. Ask people for crazy ideas. One person’s crazy idea will be the inspiration for another’s brilliant link bait idea.

Have several good ideas? Ask some people in your industry to see which they like the most.

The Development

Some companies try to do everything in-house. Sometimes it’s better and more cost effective to hire a professional.

Here’s an example. Let’s say you came up with a funny cartoon series about your industry. While your designer may be able to create an “OK” cartoon, a professional cartoonist can create something remarkable. They have the experience to know what will or won’t work. They may also have the insight to take your original idea to a whole new level.

Wash, Rinse, Repeat

Companies that are successful with link bait don’t do it just once. They understand some attempts won’t work. Others will produce uninspiring results.

For this reason, it’s good to always produce new pieces of link bait. Each time they learn something new that they can apply to the next project, thereby increasing the chances of it being successful.

With a little planning and repetition, your link bait campaigns will become more successful. The most important thing to remember is to keep producing them.


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