MSN Search Spoof For Tricking Your Friends

Spotted via Google Blogoscoped, MSN Search Spoof (yep, it’s real)
is a seriously cool tool that lets you create fake search results to trick your friends and family. Simply visit the site,
enter the person’s name you want to target, then pick a "stereotype" about the person. That will generate results that make it seem like people are saying the oddest
things about them.

For example, check out these results I made for Gary, using the "Gadget Toting Internet
Cubicle Geek" stereotype:

All Work and No Play Dept: Gary Price abandoned at altar for taking cell phone conference
call during wedding ceremony

"But it was business!" Price pleaded as his former fiance stormed back down the aisle. "It’s still Friday morning in Japan — I would have put them on hold to
say I do!" Cached page

Gary Price loves new gadget even though he hasn’t figured out what it does yet
…"I just fell in love with it! I love the feel, the look, the cool sounds it makes!" Gary Price told THE GADGET TIMES. "If I just could
figure out what it does I would be ecstatic! But really it’s the best gadget I’ve bought in years! Wait, it’s beeping…I have to go!"
Cached page

Very funny. Start sending them out now. If you don’t like the set stereotypes, you can create your own using a wide range of options. After generating the results, you’ll
get a page with a URL for the results, plus the ability to email them to your target.

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compilation of search stories issued on this special day.

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